July 14, 2009

Kindred + Mimi Kirchner + Kristen Kieffer

Hello! Thank you so much for joining me again. I am actually quite excited about combining K and L together - there is such an amazing variety of styles and mediums amongst these two groups. A whole heap of work to ponder and enjoy.. let's get to it...


Surely you must already know about two fabulous blogs Decor8 and Creature Comforts? Well, just in case you don't - Holly Becker of Decor8 and Heather 'Ez' Pudewa of Creature Comfort's both write exceptional design and goodness based blogs - you really should check them out.

Even though Holly and Ez have never met face to face, their 'online' friendship has blossomed into the wonderful joint venture that is 'Kindred'.

At Kindred Holly and Ez bring together a selection of their favourite artists, give them a small brief and then pop a free (yep, that's free!) down loadable version of their work to have on your very own desktop. - pretty fab huh?! To top that off Holly and Ez also have a great wee selection of free (there's that word again : ) printables for your very own! Luckily for us, both Ez and Holly have exceptional taste and you will LOVE all the freebies they have to offer!

"... to us it's about making the most of the often overlooked little things. No doubt you feel exactly the same way. It's amazing how we meet and connect online, sometimes replacing missing people in our own day-to-day life with new found friends we've never met face-to-face. No doubt many of you have your own kindred spirits online, those who encourage, share, motivate, comfort... Kindred is a mini celebration of such friendships formed inside the delicate and vast online web."

Take a peek:

above: by Samantha Hahn

above: by Jessica Gonacha

above: by Traci French

above: by Holly Becker

above: by Ez Pudewa
(images and quote from Kindred)

visit Decor8
visit Creature Comforts

Mimi Kirchner

So, if you have been on the last couple of Alphabetical journeys with me you will know how fond I am of Softies, and hand stitched dolls and creatures.

It is always a pleasure to come across someone like
Mimi Kirchner who carefully crafts each of her pieces.There is so much detail in Mimi's work, these pictures below hardly do it justice. I do suggest you pop over to her blog to check out more detailed images.

Mimi creates a series of pin cushions, patterns, note cards and magnet sets, but it is her doll collection that I love - check them out...(oh, and i love the fact that she creates pieces that are orientated towards boys like the robots and tattooed men below : )

(images from Mimi Kirchner)

visit Mimi's
read Mimi's blog

Kristen Kieffer

On a completely different note to the two above is the ceramic work of Kristen Kieffer. What I love about Kristen's work is not only the delicateness and beauty of each piece, but also the colours of her glazes and the intricacy's of her pattern work.

I imagine a friend sipping a drink from the tumblers pictured 4th below, and then all of a sudden discovering that the gorgeous pattern on the front is created our of bunny's. Or a sweet plant in the pot pictured below, with the little wise owls sitting knowledgeably underneath.

I also imagine each vessel housing a sweet collection of creamy peonies - looking divine!

(images from Kristen Kieffer)

visit Kristen's website
visit Kristen's store here and here

Are you looking forward to L? I am!
- let's skip right over there now!


kreachr said...

OMG love those ceramics! They're gorgeous - I'd be too scared to use them, but they'd look pretty on my shelf :-)

Kristen Kieffer said...

Thanks for finding my work and including me in your "K" blog post! I posted a note to your site on my FB fan page. I enjoy your comments.
Best wishes, Kristen
PS: My work if very durable --beautiful and hard-working.

mimi k said...

Thanks so much!