July 21, 2009

Quit Your Day Job & Live the Creative Dream

Yesterday was a pretty full on day here, there was lots to do... I have managed to finish a whole chunk of my to-do list and am pleased to finally get a chance to sit down and finish compiling this Q!

Let's not dilly-dally!

Quit Your Day Job

I have wanted to write about this for while now and thought I should dedicate a whole post to it, as it leads to a whole lot of reading!

For anyone who is even remotely thinking about pursuing their creative dreams and throwing in their payroll employment, then Quit Your Day Job over on Etsy will get you inspired to DO IT!

What started as a one off article on Etsy's The Storque has turned into a resource of 60 or so entrepreneurial creatives who have thrown in the employment towel to pursue their dreams. They have even formed an Etsy Featured Team "The Full Time Etsy Crafters".

Each creative has a separate article written about them, which are full of handy hints and tips, like; what is the best form of advertising? What did you do to prepare to quit? What advise do you have for other potential quitters?

Above all it is an inspiring resource that shows how it is possible to live your dream - whether you make pottery, or jewellery, or knit, you just need to take one step at a time.

Quitting never looked so good!!

Pictured below are some of the featured 'quitters'. Jump down to the Notes below for links : )

(images from Etsy)

visit Etsy's Quit Your Day Job on The Storque

So if you are about to 'click through' prepare to write your resignation letter! All 60 or so reads are really inspiring, and no doubt if you aren't doing it already, you'll want to live 'the dream' too!

Have a great day!

See you tomorrow for R! xxoo


Anonymous said...

yay! this is timely for me since today (july 20 here in the states) marks day one of official self-employment for me!

Past Expiry said...

Speaking of the alphabet...