July 6, 2009

Joshua Gorchov + Good Egg + Jess Gonacha

Today's post is so bright and colourful - I love it! Let's jump in straight away!

Joshua Gorchov

The Shop Announcement in
Joshua Gorchov's The Big Black Cloud store reads;

"Some strangely mysterious things have been occurring in the garden behind our house. These are a few of the secrets that I have stumbled upon while exploring. Have a look around, and if you get lost, I'll send out a search party."

Who else wants to visit the secret world behind Joshua's house?? I certainly do!

have a look:

(images from Joshua Gorchov)

visit Joshua's
visit Joshua's

Good Egg

I'm not sure if was the crispy apple green background or Good Egg's fab knitting that first caught my eye! I love both! The knitting is exceptional, and a very cool thing about the Good Egg store is that along with the gorgeous knitted goodies you can also purchase PDF patterns to create your own!

Where would you begin? Best go warm up your needles : )

(images from Good Egg)

visit the Good Egg store

Jess Gonacha

I think I would like Jess Gonacha if I ever met her. I *really* like her work and I can tell by the way she writes on her blogs that she is a really lovely lady.

Have you seen her work before? Take a peek below, isn't it wonderful?! I have been sucked into the vortex that is Jess's website - you are pretty lucky that I have resisted from cutting and pasting ALL her work! Do pop over and check out the rest of Jess's work, it is sure to brighten you day

(images from Jess Gonacha)

visit Jess's website
visit Jess's store here and here
read Jess's blogs Jess Gonacha and Pecannoot (all about abundance)

Ahhh, a lovely way to spend Tuesday : ) I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have! More goodness tomorrow!

See you then for H!

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Unknown said...

thank you so so much for the really nice words and all the photos of mine you posted! i'm so sorry it took me this long to get back to you. your blog is so awesome!! what a fabulous idea. :) thank you again!