July 23, 2009

Sharon Montrose + Shoshona Snow + Victoria Smith

OK.. I've been tossing up between photographs, prints and ceramics today. I've decided to leave the prints for another time, but have chosen my favourites from my selection of photographers and ceramicists.

lets get this S underway.

Sharon Montrose

Australian magazine Inside Out had a great feature in their last issue on the work of Sharon Montrose.

Sharon is a professional photographer who specialises in animals, children and babies, and it is her 'Animal' body of work that I want to showcase today.

All though Sharon does photograph household pets like pooches and kittens, she also tackles the 'wilder' variety, and snaps shots of alligators, zebras, vultures(!) - you name it, she pretty much photographs it!

I had to include this Porcupine print (first below) - Porcupines have to be the cutest critters on the planet!

(images from Sharon Montrose with thanks to Inside Out)

visit Sharon's website
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read Sharon's blog

Shoshona Snow

Shoshona Snow says about her work;

"My work has a wonderful, tactile quality...you just want to touch, touch, touch."

And that is exactly what draws me to Shoshona's work. I find myself fascinated by the grooves and indents, and know that it is precisely the tactile quality that makes me want to hold these pieces in my hands.

The grooves and indents are made using a technique called 'sgraffito', which is when the outside surface is painted and then carved to show the white porcelain underneath.

To top off their appealing textures, the actual forms are beautiful, and Shoshona's use of colour against the bold black and white are reminiscent of the mid-19th - 20th century's - that just so happen to inspire her.

(images and quote from Shoshona Snow)

visit Shoshona's website
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rad Shoshona's blog

Victoria Smith

I cant' remember when I first started reading Victoria Smith's blog sfgirlbybay. It feels like eons ago!

You may already be well familiar with Victoria's work, both on her blog and in her etsy store. I pretty much hold her responsible for the resurgence in the 'quotes on prints and posters' revolution. Since 2007, Victoria has been selling hand printed reproductions of the WW2 era "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster. In the last year or so, there have been many versions - Keep Calm and Craft, Keep Calm and Ride, Keep Calm and Bake... you name it!

Anyway...enough rambling! That's not want I want to showcase today.

Victoria has a segment on her blog called 'Sunday in the City'. Monday mornings at sfgirlbybay has readers enjoying photographs of Victoria's Sunday ventures in her city - San Fransisco. I particularly love how she incorporates two photos together giving them a clever title - and luckily for us, prints have been available in her Esty store since May...

Take a look:

above: while you wait

above: cherry ride

above: road trip

above: sweet ride

above: travel light
(images from Victoria Smith)

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visit Victoria's

And that is S...I hope it was worth the wait : )

Have a wonderful day!

See you tomorrow for T! xxoo

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