July 3, 2009

E ye Candy - Part One

It's Friday! What do you have planned for your weekend? We are looking forward to some family time, and a wee celebration dinner as my eldest son is moving up into the next class at school.

It is also the beginnings of the school holidays so no doubt there will be some young lads planning how they want to spend their holiday time!

We are also starting to plan our house renovation, which completely consumes me at times! I love the thought processes involved in designing new spaces - the functionality and the aesthetics. We are also getting to work with our favourite architect who we know will come up with some amazing details. I will post some mood boards when I get around to finishing them!

Anyway.... lets get on with E! This is the first installment for today... keep an eye out for the rest, it should be all up before noon... enjoy!

Esther Ramirez

Esther Ramirez of etsy store Essimar has the technique of perfectly combining colour and pattern down to a fine art. I love the collaged Heart cards that are first up below, for some reason they remind me of floating in a hot air balloon - a sense of freedom, your heart brimming with smiles, mixed with those cloud like bursts of colour - beautiful!

If you jump over to Esther's blog you can find a quick tutorial on how to make Paper Cut-out Heart Cards just like the ones in her store. How cool is that?!

Take a peek into Esther's collection...

(images from Esther Ramirez)

visit Esther's store
read Esther's blog

You will join me later on this morning won't you? I'll be back with the rest of this E installment - see you soon! xxoo

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