August 28, 2008


Wow the alphabet sure does whizz by!! Here we are at E already...

mily Sutton

Check out these beautiful birdies from British artist Emily Sutton. Each one is hand painted and hand embroidered - and absolutely gorgeous! They have apparently been selling like hotcakes which I'm not surprised about - it would be pretty hard to not take home a whole flock!
(Thanks to Oh Joy for the introduction to Emily's work : )

have a look:

(images from Emily Sutton)

visit Emily's website
Emily's work is currently available from St. Jude's Gallery

Eclipse Light Shade

The lovely ladies at Port Chalmers Design Store pointed me in the direction of the Eclipse Light Shade designed by Tim Hunt. Tim is a Dunedin based product designer who has recently graduated from Otago Polytechnic.

I love the bright pop colours that this shade is available in - and the fact that it is designed to only use an energy saving light bulb! - check them out:

(images from Endemic World)

the Eclipse Design website is currently under construction.. contact Tim for details
shop for the Eclipse Light Shade at Endemic World

Erin Ruth

I love how being conscious about the world is filtering through into every day products. You can practically buy an eco 'anything' these days! It is also great that conscious designers are paving the way with eco products that don't compromise on style... Erin Ruth does just that.

The Erin Ruth collection is a range of gorgeous eco (60% recycled paper and printed with soy based ink) gift wrap and note cards that combine modern trends and beauty with classic style.

I am adoring this fresh yellow print that would be perfect for a paper project - or would be a fabulous wrap to pop around a gift for a new babe... take a peek:

(images from Erin Ruth)

visit Erin's website
shop at Erin's store and etsy shop

And there we have it the end of another alphabetical week! - do you have a nice weekend planned? We are looking forward to catching up with friends this weekend. We had a perfect spring day today so hopefully we will be able to sit by the sea and have coffee in the sun at our local cafe.

Have a lovely weekend! See you Monday for F!


Becca said...

I found your blog from Creativadoration. I like it alot. The idea is original and your picks are just lovely!

the design alphabet said...

Thanks heaps Becca! I'm glad you are enjoying the read : ) Have a lovely day!