September 1, 2008

Yipppeeeee! It's FREEEEEEEEE!


I have dedicated F to a collection of fabulous FREE online finds... check it out...

First up is...

Free Design

Free Design is a sideline project for blogger Summer Allen-Gibson from Design is Mine.

Free Design "was created because I suddenly realized that somebody had to weed through all the bad freebies on the internet and find the ones that are inspiring, creative and generally well designed, and that person should be me."

Summer highlights some really great finds - everything from Martha Stewart's Printables to some great patterns for Pinhole Cameras... here's a snippet

above: Greeting Cards from How About Orange

above: Printable candy boxes wrappers from design. wash. rinse. repeat

above: Desktop Wallpaper from Small Moon Valley

above: Desktop Wallpaper from Kareena Zerefos

(images from Free Design)

visit Free Design for all this and more
read Summer's blog: Design is Mine

next is...

Amy Butler

Amy really doesn't need any introduction at all! Her website features a whole range of FREE patterns - from a Business Card Keeper to her Gorgeous collection of Quilts.. have a look:

(images from Amy Butler)

visit Amy Butler's website
see Amy's Free Pattern collection


Ponoko is a New Zealand based website that showcases some amazing design talent. As well as a vast array of goods to purchase they also offer some great free product plans... have a look:

above: MDF Wine rack

above: Box Lamp

(images from Ponoko)

visit the Ponoko website
see the Ponoko collection of Freebies

and to end today's FREE post...


Marimekko have some great desktop wallpapers available for FREE on their website. I have had one on my desktop for a while now.. but I'm feeling like a change so I think I might swap it for some sunshine yellow... it's the first day of spring here today - yay!!

above: Frekvenssi: Harri Koskinen 2006

above: Matkalla maalle: Teresa Moorhouse 2007

above: Hohoi!: Maija Louekari 2004

above: Nonparelli: Maija Louekari 2007

(images from Marimekko)

visit the Marimekko website
see Marimekko's collection of Free Desktop Wallpaper
also see Marrimekko's range of E-Cards (also FREE)

And there you have it... this is just a glimpse of what is available for Free online... go and have a look!

tomorrow is G... see you then x

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