August 19, 2008

Wednesday..its the middle of the week already!!

I can't believe we are already in the middle of our 'alphabet break'.. the next Set is shaping up very nicely.. remember if you know of anything that you think should be included, just drop me a line : ) (email: thedesignalphabet[at]yahoo[dot]com)

Today, I am extremely pleased to welcome Heike Theis to the Design Alphabet.. Heike is responsible for the lovely goodies in the fabulous Etsy store Minu (previously 3Poppies). I interviewed Heiki last week, and she filled me in on how she balances her (nearly) full time job with a fledgling crafting business..

Your name: Heike Theis

Your Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Your Website / Store:

Your Blog:

What is the name of your business: minu

What are the origins of your company name? A play with letters and sounds, something sounding a bit strange and sad, but cute.. fitting the wide range of my creations.

What do you create? I see all my creations as part of a strange tale - of a valley deep in the strange woods where strange creature hide behind strange trees - or under your bed ^_^...One could say my creations are 'manifestations of storytelling' on paper, fabric and wood.

What do you find inspiring about the location in which you live? The sea, the wind, the clouds, the town, everything is in constant motion or transition...

What else inspires you? / Where do you get inspiration for your projects? Children's books and fairy tales... as well as the from things like a piece of wire I found on the street. Inspiration is everywhere!

If you have a ‘day’ job, what is it that you do? Strangely enough... during the day I am working as an internet project manager and business analyst, and I enjoy it (at least since I only have to work 30hours a week )

What keeps you creatively motivated? I can't sit still. I just have to scribble, make and print, no further motivation needed. Sometimes when it is time for a break and I go for a long walk where I get so many new impressions, then I have to sit down and start scribbling again.

How would you describe the NZ craft / design scene at the moment? Very vivid! I was surprised how many people are making great stuff when I first came to New Zealand almost 2 years ago. Since then crafters get better organised with movements like Craft 2.0 or or magazines like World Sweet World, all launched in the last 16 months. That is amazing!

What advice would you give to someone starting a creative business? The most important thing is to trust your self and your creations, not bending to convention, not creating to sell. 'Publish' sooner rather than later, use Flickr and etsy to get feedback from potential buyers and fellow artist and crafters.... and follow Keri's advise on things NOT to do: 'How to feel miserable as an artist' by Keri Smith

Who are some of your favorite indie designers/artists? Keri Smith - she is a great source of inspiration and motivation Andrew Schoultz , Alberto CerriteƱo - and so many more :-)

Where do you love to shop? (brick and mortar and online)

street fairs, salvation army, second hand stores, garage sales,, and muji whenever I am in town :-)

What is on your wish list? OMG, I must get this hand made etching press from Japan!

If you had the time, what new craft/medium would you like to learn or use? All the techniques of all the craftsmen of all times! No less! For now I am totally content with my woodcut and etching printmaking course...

What's your definition of a perfect day? Lying in the high grass by the sea, listening to the seagulls and the wind in the grass. Looking at the clouds in the sky with my sketchbook beside me and the knowledge that somebody is waiting for me at home.

I hope you enjoyed this wee window into the life of Heike Theis.. hopefully you feel inspired to work on your own creative journey : )

Thanks Heike!

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