August 11, 2008

very short, but very sweet

Hi there, I hope your Tuesday is going well : )

You will have to excuse my short (but sweet) post today as my son aged 5, is moaning and groaning in bed with a temperature and sore head - and he needs me! So, I will need to make this reasonably quick! sorry about that!

So here goes...

Enfin, La Voila!

I have always really liked the work of Belgian designer Marijke Janssens. Marijke is the creative talent behind Enfin, La Voila! - a fabulous Etsy store that is definitely worth the visit!

If you are after a hint of whimsy and a splash of stylish kitsch (yes there is such a thing!) and you want to send a note or some invitations that are quirky and fun...then this is the range for you!

Marijke is a seasoned Graphic Designer, and uses her trusty Mac to digitally montage a fantastic collection of patterns and images - Take a peek:

(images from Enfin, La Voila!)

shop at Marijke's Etsy Store


I have just stumbled across this store while I was scouting around Etsy. From Melbourne (Australia), OliveMoonPrints produce a 50's inspired range of giclee prints and original art.

OliveMoonPrints is in the process of relocating it's Etsy Store to Printspace, so make sure you check out both stores for the entire range - enjoy!

(images from OliveMoonPrint)

visit the OliveMoonPrint etsy store
check out the new Printspace store

tomorrow -
I will post the Book of the Week tomorrow - sorry to rush out of here, but my boy isn't doing so well... see you tomorrow for W! - have a great day!

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