August 27, 2008

d - licious!

There is a great line up for D today - enjoy!!

Aida Dirse

I love these bowls by Aida Dirse. Their simple patterns and bright poppy colours make them seem almost child-made, but on closer inspection Aida's steady hand and amazing ability to bring simple 'dots' to life become more obvious. Have a look...and fall in love....

(image from Oh Joy)

Aida's work can be purchased from Rare Device

Third Drawer Down

I have always loved the idea of a productive creative group of artists.. and Third Drawer Down is just that...

Just over 5 years ago Abigail Crompton launched the Third Drawer Down project, and began reinventing the humble dish towel as limited edition domestic artwork. Abi works with a diverse range of artists and designers and produces an amazing collection that now also includes Pillow Cases, Lapkins, Artkercheifs, Bupkins and Artprons.. take a peek...

(images from Third Drawer Down)

visit the Third Drawer Down website
shop at the Third Drawer Down store
the Third Drawer Down retail store (and new gallery) is relocating and opening in mid-September at 93 George Street, Fitzroy, Victoria. Australia

Deer oh Deer

I am sure you are well aware that Deer are everywhere! I've hunted down some Etsy faves and made a wee collection for you to peruse.. enjoy!!

images top row: sanfran67, uppitywomandesigns,
bottom row: neawear and ruby's lounge

(images from artist's mentioned above)

shop at Etsy for all your Deer faves : )

And that was D! I hope you enjoyed it : )

see you tomorrow for E! xx


dollface design said...

thank you so much for featuring my deer collage on your lovely blog, amongst all the delightful deer items, i really appreciate it! i'll definitely be back to peruse more of your fantastic finds, thank you!

Kim said...

Thanks for the mention!

Kim x

Janick - Nea said...

Wow, what a great blog idea this is!! Love the concept! I will have to blog about you, today perhaps!!

Thank you so much for having my stitched dear! You're so sweet! :)

the design alphabet said...

It's a pleasure guys.. your work wouldn't be up here if I didn't think it was fabulous! So all the credit is yours! xx Jo