August 26, 2008


Hello, and welcome to Tuesday!

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The word Binth was invented by Suzanna Bierwirth, Peter Dunham and Linnea Gits. I did read in an old Decor8 post that Binth stands for "Beautiful, Intriguing, New, Timeless and Haunting".

The trio create a collection of products under the Binth name that includes a gorgeous kids collection, plus, pillows, greeting cards and art prints.
The 'Binth' style is clean, original and modern. All their colours are hand mixed, producing a striking colour palette of soft contemporary hues. It is this colour mixing, teamed with their collaborative design process that gives the range that distinctive 'Binth' look.

I adore their Baby Book which offers parents an alternative to the traditional books regularly available. It has been given rave reviews...

"It's so absolutely beautiful you could practically hang it on the wall. Each page features equally wonderful plant and animal silhouettes, screen printed on archival paper. There are 52 of them (pages) to enjoy, taking you from birth to age 3. You also get a pretty keepsake box. Binth makes fabulous birth announcements and shower invitations too, but this book takes the cake. And it's part of a limited edition, making it almost as unique as your little one. So if you want to get back to baby book basics, look no further." - From the Baby Gadget Blog October 2006

Take a peek:

(images from Binth)


visit the Binth website

see Binth for stockists

Jill Bliss

"The underlying hope in everything that I do is to inspire others, and to encourage a more thoughtful art and design industry that focuses on local economies, fair practices and reusable or sustainable materials, and less consumption tied to ever-changing trends."

Wow! This quote is from the website of Jill Bliss. Doesn't it sound amazing!!?? Jill is an accomplished artist, illustrator, designer and crafter who is achieving these goals through her own Blissen Range of Paper Goods, Art Prints, Mirrors, Buttons and Note Cards - All made in small batches in her Portland (Oregon) studio.

Jill grew up on a farm in northern California and her academic and professional backgrounds have seen her working and studying in New York and San Fransisco. It is this background that shows so strongly through in her work - her attention to natural details mixed with her sparse-yet-dense sense of colour and design.

Have a look:

(images from Jill Bliss)

visit the Jill Bliss website
visit the Blissen store
read Jill's blog

Birdy Mobile from Spool

I thought it would be fun to end this B post with a little DIY project from Spool..

This mobile is stunning! It would definitely be a fabulous addition to a baby's room - but hey! who needs a baby?? I want on for myself!

Click here for Spool's FREE birdy mobile pattern - and get creative!

(images from Spool)

visit Spools website
check out more of Spools free patterns
read Spool's blog


and tomorrow is C! c you then! x

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