August 27, 2008

and C is for....

Hello, we have a bit of a theme today with all three C's coming from New Zealand.

First up is..

Conscious Design

Included in the Conscious Design collection is a range of furniture that lets you change its look whenever it takes your fancy...

The Tio Chair was first off the ramp - This chair is perfectly styled and super comfortable... the most famous feature of this award winning design is it's interchangeable fabric covers. Designed by some of NZ's most notable Fashion Designers, the covers can be changed on a whim - from thick tweed-like wool to bright brocade, the selection is superb.

Earlier this year, Conscious released the Tio Table. This table is perfect for any modern living space (and it would be fab in a professional reception area). The Tio Table allows you to display your favourite pieces under it's clear glass top. Whether it is your child's art work or your latest gallery purchase, or even the shells that were collected on your last beach visit, this clever piece of furniture lets you personalise your coffee table in an instant..

(images from Conscious Design and Eon)

visit the Conscious Design website

Rachel Carley

My dream kitchen would have a collection of gorgeous ceramic pieces by Rachel Carley - have you seen them??

I love the colours and shapes... and the fact that they are made in New Zealand.

Rachel Carley started designing ceramics in 1994, but her cleverness doesn't stop there - she has just completed a PhD in architecture and currently works as a lecturer at the School of Design at Unitech in Auckland.

So, yep, she knows her stuff, and yep, her range is beautiful! - check it out...

(images from Wanda Harland and Sabato)

visit Rachel's website
see Rachel's website for stockists

Phil Cuttance

I was over at a friends house last week and gasped at the new light shade that they had hanging in their entrance way... there was lots of oohing and ahhhing, and a lingering look at the pretty nifty instructions that came with it... this was followed with some talk about it's creator Phil Cuttance and a discussion as to what type of 'brain' it would take to come up with such a thing - creative genius?? or creative crazyness?? - I lie awake at night thinking about random boring stuff... I can only imagine what must of been going through Phil's head when he was figuring out the design of this intricate, complex and incredibly beautiful piece of work...

introducing Cloud City

and another gem - Rough Diamond..

Both are made as a limited edition - so snap one up quick!

(images from Phil Cuttance)

visit Phil's website

I hope you enjoyed this little snippet of NZ design - tomorrow it's D! - see you then!

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