August 10, 2008

U are so beautiful....

Hello! and welcome to Monday!!

Since we are at 'U' and we all love a bargain, I have put together some super cheap collections from...

Urban Outfitters

For us here in NZ, we can only fantasize about all the great buys at Urban Outfitters. Sorry fellow Kiwi's U.O don't ship to NZ - the website says "They're working on it".. I'm sure if more of us ask they might 'work on it' a bit quicker! But for those of you who have access to a store, here's my picks for Under $20, Under $35 and Under $50..

Under $20..

above: Mini Composition Notebooks $4 each

above: Round Kishmar Tray $18
above: Graphic Plate ONLY $2.99

above: Gallery Bowls Four for $18

above: Painted Wooden Shelf (plate not included) $14.99

Under $35..

above: Masha Cherry Tree Pillow $32

above: Small round Table Decal $32

above: Vintage Blossom Lamp Shade $24

above: Album Frames two for $22

above: Fanciest Frypan $25

above: Lantern and Flower printed Rug $28

Under $50..

above: Hoot Lamp Base $36

above: Star Burst Flower Tapestry $36

above: Tree Shower Curtain $40

above: Set of 25 Wallflower Wall Decor $40

above: First Flight Wall Decals $48

(images from Urban Outfitters)

visit Urban Outfitters Online
See if there is a store near you
contact Urban Outfitters and request NZ delivery (!)

But wait! There's more!

While we are in bargain mode - here are some other 'Unders' from Domino..

Under $10
Design*Sponge blogger Grace Bonney shares her favorite decorating accessories, all for Under $10

and believe it or not... here are some amazing SUPER bargains for...
Under $1!!!
Online producer and blogger Katy Elliott has scoured the market for great design under $1. She has found some classic shapes, simple palettes, and old standbys to fit any budget.


...and V is tomorrow! See you then!


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