August 7, 2008

a spot of T!

Welcome! enjoy a spot of T!

Tree House Accommodation

Hapuku Lodge is on the beautiful east coast of New Zealand's South Island. Situated 10 minutes north of the small seaside town of Kaikoura. The whole area is renowned for it's whale watching, sea life and booming tourist industry.

The Lodge is located on a deer farm and olive grove, nestled between the Kaikoura Seaward Mountain range, and the famed (for surfing) Mangamaunu Bay. The Lodge features a selection of luxury accommodation that includes a series of fantastic Tree Houses.

Opened in 2006, the Tree Houses are visually stunning, nested 30 feet (10 Metres) off the ground amongst the canopy of native Manuka trees. Each Tree House has spectacular views of Kaikoura's dramatic mountains and surf washed Pacific Ocean.

The whole area is incredibly beautiful and is well worth the visit.

(images from Hapuku Lodge and J L Hinton. Please Note: the Bottom Photo is of the Kaikoura Peninsular and the Pacific Ocean and is not taken from the Lodge)

visit the Hapuku Lodge website
find out more about Kaikoura

Three Potato Four

This is one of my favourite shops... I like browsing through its pages wondering if I would actually be able to part with these finds if it were my store! - I think not!

Owner / Operators Janet Morales and Stu Eli started Three Potato Four because of their love for collections.

"We've always filled our house with things we love, and think beautiful stories can be told through the complimentary mix of modern and vintage objects."

Wanting to start up something of their own, Janet and Stu left their Design Industry life in New York and moved with their two year old daughter Holly to Northern Virginia. - I am so glad they did : )

(Images from Three Potato Four)

shop at Three Potato Four's store
read the Three Potato Four Blog

Ted Lights

These gorgeous Tea Cup Lights - or Ted Lights as they are called, are the brainchild of innovative design studio Domestic Construction.

The vintage ceramic or porcelain teacups are found throughout the U.S in thrift stores and at flea markets. The Ted lights are a unique and simply beautiful option for anyone looking for delicate lighting with a difference.

Available in single or a cluster of up to 13 cups, each cup dangles on the end of an 11 ft cord with an attached plug - all ready to illuminate any space...

(images from Domestic Construction)

visit the Domestic Construction website
shop at the Domestic Construction store

It's the weekend!

Do you have plans? It has been really beautiful weather here the last couple of days - real spring weather.. the daffodils are poking their heads out in our back garden - spring is in the air!! Hopefully we will get to enjoy some more sunshine over the weekend.

Next week I'm going to combine Y and Z so we finish up this round of the alphabet on Friday - I can't believe we are nearly through our first set! - If you have anything you want included in the next set, just let me know...or if you want to do a showcase of your town / city and all the great stores, crafty folk and designers that share it with you, that would be fabulous!! {email: thedesignalphabet[at]}. We will be taking a week off from the alphabet between sets, but I will be here throughout that week with some other bits and bobs... anyway - that's a whole week away!

Have a lovely weekend. See you Monday x

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simc said...

Thanks for mentioning Hapuku Lodge & Tree Houses. The design elements flow through the lodge, with natural wood furnishings custom designed by the Wilson family. the Wilson's have five generations of design and architecture in their blood. Tony Wilson, the New Zealand-born American based owner & designer, is the son of Gordon Wilson, who was New Zealand's award winning Government architect in the 1950s.