August 5, 2008

Ra Ra it's R!

Roadside Projects

I sat down to do the R's, which I have been looking forward to doing for ages because I have had "Roadside Projects" earmarked for here since reading about this fab Etsy store on Decor8...

anyway...I sat down to start writing about 40 minutes ago, and now, 40 minutes later I have managed to drag myself away from the Roadside Projects' Store, Blog and Flickr page. During the last 40 minutes I have been very, very, very tempted to click "buy" and snap up a few prints - and who's to say I wont sometime - I just need to decide which ones!

...enough dawdling from me!

Check out this amazing and awe inspiring work of Jayme McGowan from Sacramento, California...this girl is so, so clever!

top to bottom: The Knife Juggler, The Trapeze Twins and Windy on the Coast

(this is a very small glimpse of Jayme's work, you should go and check it out...)

(images from Roadside Projects)

read Jaymes' Blog
shop at Roadside Projects
read an interview with Jayme
see Jayme's work on Flickr


Melbourne (Australia) based company Rhubarb has grown in leaps and bounds since it's inception in February 2003. Founded and managed by husband and wife team Nick and Katlin Harper, Rhubarb offers a fresh approach to the mainstream lifestyle products found in stores today.

Sitting alongside the 'dated and boring' china on the shelves of department and chain stores is Rhubarbs answer to innovative, coordinated home wares.

With a collection that includes dinnerware, table linen, home accessories, serving ware and even 'Mini Rhubarb' for children; Katlin and Nick have found a modern solution for every style minded buyer.

Have a peek at their collection:

(images from Rhubarb)

visit the Rhubarb website
see Rhubarb for stockists

Reprodepot Fabrics

Could we really skip through the R's without mentioning Reprodepot??? - of course not!

For us here in New Zealand, it was pretty hard to find any sort of remotely interesting fabric, and even harder to find somewhere online that would ship here...until we found Reprodepot.

Reprodepot was started in 1999 by Djerba Goldfinger, who I am guessing like all Reprodepot lovers, had a hard time finding new fabrics with vintage and retro themes, so Djerba decided to start her own business. What started as a wee side business grew quickly to become the renowned store it is today.

Representing a huge assembly of fabric designers and an impressive collection of ribbons, buttons, patterns, books and gifts, Reprodepot is definitely worth a look if you want to find the best collection of retro and vintage inspired fabrics on the internet.

above: Sketchbook Wildflowers

above: Echino Airplanes

above: Chiffon Birds

above: Echino Leopard Spot

above: Echino Scooters

(images from Reprodepot)

shop at reprodepot
read the reprodepot blog

Jenna Rose

Jenna Greenberg is the designer and creator of the Jenna Rose collection. All of her designs are initially hand drawn and then carefully screen printed by hand. The print colours are also hand mix which result in each piece being slightly different.

The Jenna Rose collection is a fabulous mix of fashion accessories and home wares - I love her rooftop cushions and her gorgeous organic cotton blankets...

have a look:

visit the Jenna Rose website
shop at Jenna Rose (international shipping is available)
see Jenna rose for stockists

And tomorrow? you're right! it is S!!

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