August 13, 2008

W is for....


the W post is being done in stages throughout the day today, I hope you enjoy it!!

Let's start the W's with....

Wall Decals

Do you think the Wall Decal Trend will ever end?? It feels like they have been around for ever, and it is looking like they will be around for a bit longer too!

My absolute favourite Decals are from the lovely Deanna Corso of Stick Meon in Melbourne, Australia. Deanna's range is small, but gorgeous, and I LOVE her Sir Rabbits!

this one above is my favourite : )

(images from Stick Meon)


buy Stick Meon form Deanna's website
see Stick Meon for stockists

Come back for our Wall Decal round-up and a couple more additions to 'W' - and also our book of the week! Bits and pieces will be going up throughout the morning.. it should be all here by early afternoon ... see you soon!!

I'm Back!!

Wall Decal Round-up

OK.. here are my picks..

above: 'crossword' by ellynelly

above: 'walk this way' by ellynelly

above: Tord Boontje Wall Graphic by Moroso

above: 'Alice in Wonderland' by les Invasions Ephémères

above: 'race-ya' by Blik

above: Cadres by les Invasions Ephémères

(images from Velocity Art and Design, les Invasions Ephémères and ellynelly)


visit Velocity Art and Design
les Invasions Ephémères


It is pretty obvious that W would automatically mean a post about Wallpaper. And it does. I spent ages looking around trying to find a 'complete' collection of paper that I liked.. I could find bits here and bits there but nothing 'complete'.. until I came across...

Walnut Wallpaper

This place is the mecca of everything super lovely about Wallpaper.. even if you think you will never get to go the Walnut Wallpaper Store in Los Angeles, their website is a fantastic resource for all the best wallpapers there are..."It is now our mission to provide you with the best of new wallpaper designs as well as interesting vintage offerings." - I like it!

(images from Walnut Wallpaper)

visit the Walnut Wallpaper Showroom at 7424 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles. California 90036.
visit the Walnut Wallpaper website


It's not often you find 'Wallets' in the 'Design and Art' category, - except for these ones from Poketo...Founded by Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung, Poketo is an innovator in artist-designed lifestyle wares. To "Satisfy everyone's art lust" Ted and Angie came up with this affordable solution... at only $20 (USD) a piece it's easy and fun to carry Art with you where-ever you go... here's a peek at my faves from the current range..

(images from Poketo)

visit Poketo online
check out Poketo's fab Wallet collection

Book of the Week:

This weeks Book of the Week is newly released: "Printing by Hand: A Modern Guide to Printing with Handmade Stamps, Stencils, and Silk Screens" by Lena Corwin..

Skip over to The Design Alphabet Bookstore to read the reviews and to add it to your collection - enjoy!

And tomorrow it is X!! I think I'll have to get a bit creative for that one!! see you then!

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