August 14, 2008

the end of round one...

Well, here we are at the end of our first Alphabet set - a pretty monumental moment I think! My first journey into Blogland has been fabulous, welcoming and incredibly enjoyable... I have some exciting plans for next week when we take a rest 'between alphabets'.. more details below...

Lets kick start the Y's and Z's with...

Well, it's not really a Y or a Z.. but there are two Y's in it's name so I guess that counts!!

Gypsy and Twink

I have always been intrigued by the work of Kristy Macintosh. Kristy is the creative force behind Gypsy and Twink - a range of 3-dimensional collage pieces that are amazingly captivating.

I think it is the combination of intricate paper collage, her fantastic use of colour and the shapes and forms she works with, that make her collection so special - check out some of Kristy's work:

(images from Gypsy and Twink)

visit Kristy's store

Yellow Monday

I love these prints.

I wouldn't describe them as being particularly 'Happy', but they do make me smile : ) Produced in Sydney, Australia by artist Linda Kruger, the Yellow Monday prints are a collection of quirky characters, in everyday situations - well, actually, unless you tango with your dog everyday, this may not be the best description! Situations, non the less, that make me smile!

***Nip over to Yellow Monday to Buy one Get one FREE!!!
(be quick it's only for a limited time!)***

(images from Yellow Monday)

visit Linda's store
read Linda's blog


Aline Yamada is super clever. So clever in fact, that people keep stealing the images form her Yumiyumi range and 'making them' their own. As annoying and rude (to put it politely) as it is, it is a testament to her work.

Balancing a successful Etsy store and an active toddler, Aline still finds time to create a range that is simply beautiful.

I love this "These Are For You" print (pictured below, at top). Both of my boys 'Son aged 5' and 'Son aged 3' have gone through phases of wanting to rename themselves 'Fox' - this print makes me smile and think of them when they are at their most doubt you will find something you love amongst Aline's work too...

(images from Yumiyumi)

visit Aline's store
read Aline's blog
Please don't steal Aline's (or anyone's for that matter) work!


I was pretty excited to read about Helen Acraman from ZukZuk over on Decor8. I was particularly excited because Helen is a New Zealander.

Currently living in Toronto, Helen creates a fantastic collection of work for her Etsy Store. Her collection is bright and cheerful, full of colour and life - it sounds like, from reading her blog, that she is exactly the same! - the perfect way to end our very first Alphabet Set : ) - enjoy!

***$1 from each item sold goes to support Amnesty International***

(images from ZukZuk)

visit Helen's store
read Helen's blog

Next Week:

We are going to take a rest between Alphabet Sets next week - but don't go anywhere! There are some pretty exciting things happening here...

  • I'll be guest blogging over at Decor8 during the week (!yay!) - so you will have to stay tuned for that! and...
  • I can't reveal everything just yet, but lets just say that a very LUCKY reader will win a FABULOUS give-away...and...
  • we are also going to have a series of interviews with some of my favourite New Zealand makers and doers - you can't be missing that!!

So make sure you pop in next week, the give-away in itself will be well worth the visit : )

Have a lovely weekend, and thank you for joining me in our first Alphabetical Journey...

xx see you Monday!


kendalee said...

I have loved every single letter - Thank you! Look forward to whatever comes next... :o)

zukzuk said...

how clever are you!

what a good idea, i will have to take a look back over the whole alphabet. i'm so excited to have found this lovely blog by a fellow kiwi, keep up the great blogging and thanks for including my work!

yellow monday said...

What a wonderful surprise to be included in this beautiful blog. Thank you. I can't wait to have a good look through the whole alphabet!