August 13, 2008

X marks the spot...

I have to say that (as you can imagine) X was a bit tricky! But I have managed to pull some together for you.. hope you enjoy them : )

Foxy and Winston

Established in 2005 by Jane Buck, Foxy and Winston is a super cute range of screen printed note cards, tiny apparel and Limited Edition Wall Art Prints.

When I look at Jane's prints, all I can think of is soft little critters scurrying around preparing for spring - her prints have such a 'freshness' about them.

Earlier this year Jane had her first solo exhibition of Originals and Limited Editions at Relish at Home in Berkeley California.

"Woodland creatures great and small, abundant flora and whimsical pastoral scenes galore!"

Have a peek...

(images from buckfoxy and mammalia)

visit the Foxy and Winston website
shop at the Foxy and Winston Etsy Store
read the Foxy and Winston blog
see Foxy and Winston for stockists

Xmas Decorations

There are just over 140 days (that's about 19 weeks!!) until the Big Guy in the red suit does his rounds. And even though I consider this to be FAR too early to be considering Christmas, there is nothing like planning ahead! I thought I'd put this out there, just so you can plan the gorgeousness of your Christmas decorating! Your Tree will sparkle brighter and mantle will ooze with loveliness especially if all your Christmas Decs were from this years Rice Collection...

The reason why I'm sounding so biased is because last year we had the pleasure of having the Rice Christmas Collection as part of our range over at Apple of My Eye - with a hint of handmade charm and a dash of Scandinavian magic..the collection is truly beautiful. The extra bonus is that all of the Rice range is ethically made and traded - yay!

Here's a snippet...

(images from Rice)

visit the Rice website
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Pixel Organics

We are so lucky that organic products have filtered there way into design savvy businesses. Pixel Organics is definitely one of those. With a range that is hip, stylish and fun! Pixel Organics is on a mission: "to leave tiny footprints on this planet while providing modern infant products that embrace color and innovative design".

The Pixel Organics range includes Gift Sets, Bedding, Clothing, and Mattresses - all organic and Eco friendly - "Happy products for a Happy Planet"... here's a tiny taste...

and there is plenty more!

(images from Pixel Organics)

visit the Pixel Organics website
read about Pixel Organics Philosophy
see Pixel Organics for stockists

I cant believe that tomorrow is the end of our first alphabet set.. tune in then for Y and Z and for a hint of what will be happening next week - see you then!

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