August 17, 2008

it's Monday!

Hello! and Welcome to Monday!

As I said last week, we are taking a break between 'alphabet sets' this week... but we do have lots in store.. there will be different bits to read through out the week... and of course I'll be over at Decor8 at the end of the week too - so do keep checking back : )

First up this week...

Kelly Joseph

It is a pleasure to welcome Kelly Joseph from Cloud of Birds to The Design Alphabet . I did an interview with Kelly last week so we could find out a bit more about this crafty lady... here it is...

Your Name: Kelly Joseph

Where are you based? Wellington, NZ

What is the name of your business? Cloud of Birds

What are the origins of your company name? Day dreams

What do you create? Whimsies and fanciful imaginings for adults and kids--anything from badges to canvases, cards to stickers, t-shirts to toys.

Do you have a store? Cloud of Birds is available through these neat shops: Madame Fancy Pants on Cuba Street, Juniper in Newtown, Inky Pinky in Karori (all in Wellington NZ) and online at

Do you have a Blog?

What do you find inspiring about the location in which you live? The sea

What else inspires you? / Where do you get inspiration for your projects? Imagination, childhood memories, nature, music, movies, books, the strange and wondrous in the everyday...

If you have a 'day' job, what is it that you do? I'm a student at the moment--doing a MA in creative writing. I haven't had much time to do arty crafty stuff this year.

What keeps you creatively motivated? Sugar...and maybe a deeply embedded need to express my self through creative endeavors...wanting to share stuff with other people--imagination and ideas...seeing beauty in other peoples work and in the wider world...chocolate...and so on.

How would you describe the NZ craft / design scene at the moment? It's going off.

What advice would you give to someone starting a creative business? I'm not sure if I'm in the position to give such advice, but I suppose I would say do what feels right and have heaps of fun with it...but that could apply to most things...

Who are some of your favorite indie designers/artists? It's too hard to choose...there are so so many talented creative people out there...all the ladies (and menfolk) involved in Craft 2.0 for instance and Craftwerk. My friend Anna Gibson (Nanna Sunday)...

Where do you love to shop? Op shops, galas, garage sales

What is on your wish list? A time machine

If you had the time, what new craft/medium would you like to learn or use? Jewelry or animation or a musical instrument

What's your definition of a perfect day? Not in any particular order: sleep, chocolate, reading, creating something, nature walk, listening to music, watching a good film, sleep

(images from Cloud of Birds and Toggle)

Because of Kelly's hefty study workload, she hasn't been able to do much crafting this year, so if you would like to own some 'Cloud of Birds' I suggest you snap it up quick!

visit Kelly's Blog

Thanks so much Kelly for being the first of our interviewees this week!

Book it into your Diary:

If you are in Christchurch (NZ) this week don't forget to pencil Craft 2.0 into your diary! Pop along and be treated to some of the best crafty goodness in the country!

Coming Up:

Coming up this week - we have some more interviews, plus some tips on how to win a FANTASTIC pile of NZ made goodies.. and of course I am super excited about being over at Decor8 later in the week so that will be worth staying tuned for..

If you want / make / know of anything you think should be included in the next alphabet set, just let me know...or if you want to do a showcase of your town / city and all the great stores, crafty folk and designers that share it with you, that would be fabulous!! contact me at the designalphabet[at]yahoo[dot]com.

I am so looking forward to Tuesday!

see you then!


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