November 10, 2009

Hillery Rebecca Sproatt + I'm Wednesday's Child + Happy Lady Eats


Do you mind if we double up today? I am wanting to pop H and I together, mainly because my schedule has been so busy this week I feel like I am lagging is a pretty chocka day tomorrow too... I wanted to get both done at once so I didn't have to worry too much.

So, today we feature 2 super talented creatives, plus one fabulous find from the 'wonderland'.. shall we get started?

Hillery Rebecca Sproatt

As part of my printmaking course, I am doing a wee study on my Grandmother. She passed away about 17 years ago and was an amazing and strong woman.

Of all things, I still have a very vivid memory of her china cabinet. I was so intrigued by all the treasure that was in there. Memento's from travel, little bits of porcelain and a variety of different ornaments. I never ventured in to it, but I do remember spending long moments gazing through the glass. I don't know why I never dared to open the doors, maybe the pleasure I got from the wonderment of it all was enough to satisfy me.

When I saw these images in
Hillery Rebecca Sproatt's portfolio I fell in love! I had originally planned to feature some of Hillery's illustrations, but I couldn't go past this first image below. I would be intrigued for hours in front of these display cases - so many stories, so much history - so much treasure!

(images from Hillery Rebecca Sproatt)

visit Hillery's
visit Hillery's

I'm Wednesday's Child

I had a oohhhh! moment when I saw the illustrations of Wa-tinee Paleebatt. Wa-tinee is one talented gal!

Wa-tinee's store 'I'm Wednesday's Child', is full of gorgeous pieces of work. Each piece is a print of an original painting that is then digitally coloured. So beautiful!

(images from I'm Wednesday's Child)

visit Wa-tinee's store

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Do you remember back in O of alphabet*six I wrote about the amazing blog of super talented Nantaka Joy? Well, Nantaka from Oh Joy also writes this fab foodie blog Happy Lady Eats - it's a goodie!!

"the adventures of this designer & foodie as i dream of cupcakes, explore bánh mì shops, search for the best of the best, and then scheme what i'll eat next. there won't be much cooking here, but there sure will be a lot of eating.

by way of new york to philly, and now, to san diego, i'll share my favorite local finds as well as tips on how to find or make the featured food wherever you are. you'll also see plenty of stylish & tasty foodie things i love in general. this is where my inner fat kid speaks.

yours truly,
happy lady"

(image and quote from Happy Lady Eats)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I hope you enjoyed the double dose today... see you Friday for J!

Have a great day!


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Amanda said...

There is so much to see in Hillery's images. I totally relate to these along with the story of your grandmother's china cabinet.