August 20, 2009

Jane Reiseger + Joanna Medocino + Oh Joy!

We woke up this morning to another stunner of a day - you know the kind where the heating needs to be turned on before anyone gets up, the ground is white with frost, and the sky is blue, blue, blue. One of those days where even though it is a bit nippy out, the sun on your back at the breakfast table is a sure sign of what the day brings - crisp, warming, spring air - mmmmmmmm! nothing beats it!

Jane Reiseger

I am so inspired by what I have to share with you today. First up I wanted to showcase the mural work of illustrator Jane Reiseger.

I discovered the work of Melbourne based Jane, over at the modamuse blog, and immediately fell in love with her mural work. The simplicity of her line drawing, combined with her sense of whimsy, create work that is the perfect compliment to many different spaces.

check them out...

(images from Jane Reiseger)

visit Jane's

Joanna Medocino

Whenever I think of Okinawa (Japan) all I imagine is the movie Karate Kid (Part 2) - you know the one where Daniel travels with Mr Miyagi to Okinawa because Mr Miyagi's father is dying, and, of course there are baddies to fight and love to be gained!

Thanks to San Fransisco based
Joanna Medocino, I now have something completely different to imagine...

Joanna's mother is originally from Okinawa and Joanna and her two sisters were fortunate enough to spend time there when they were children. They have all visited there several times over the years and all three sisters have a deep love for everything Japanese. Luckily for us, this love and heritage definitely shows through in Joanna's work.

"I like to think of my work as 'crafty modern' – I make simple, clean forms, with a very handmade touch to it....The images I work with are often things that I have been drawn to since I was young: like pebbles, cobblestone pathways, and animals."

Check out the cuteness in these pieces!

(images and quote from Joanna Medocino)

visit Joanna's
visit Joanna's store here and here

It is lovely to be ending the week with the fabulous blog Oh Joy! Oh Joy! is the blog of super creative Nantaka Joy. Have you visited?

Nantaka features all the good stuff when it comes to design and style - from food to fashion and everything in between. Her exceptional taste means that her daily writings are chock full of gorgeous photos and tempting treats. I know you'll love it!

(image from Oh Joy!)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

And here we are knocking on the door of the weekend - yay! Do you have anything special planned? I am wanting to get some spring veges in the ground this weekend, and of course wishing that this spring weather will last : )

What ever you do this weekend, I hope it is wonderful. Thanks so much for joining me,

See you Monday! xxoo

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