November 3, 2009

Darling Clementine + Cuore + Carpe+Item

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Sorry about the delay in getting this C post out... I am sure it will be worth the wait though : )

Let's jump in...

Darling Clementine

If you are anything like me, your Christmas sensors would of kicked in a while ago. I have been really enjoying the increase in Christmas goodies around the place. I have a few more treats tucked up my sleeve for later in the alphabet, but first, I want to show you these beautiful cards from Norwegian stationery company
Darling Clementine.

Because some people think it is way too early to be considering Christmas, I have included a few 'mainstream' cards from their collection as well... take a peek:

(images from Darling Clementine)

visit the Darling Clementine
visit the Darling Clementine


Mika Yamamura is the crafty and talented gal behind the etsy store Cuore. This clever lass hand makes a whole swag of gorgeous creations - from softies to brooches, and stationery.

With a degree in design from the Fashion Institute in Los Angeles and six and a half years experience as an accessory designer for Paul Frank, it is no wonder Mika's collection is so adorable!

(images from Mika Yamamura)

visit Mika's store
read Mika's blog
P.S. Cuore is "love" in Italian : )

Beauty in Everyday

I came across Carpe + Item a few days ago while I was researching this C post. - What a find! Svanna Joensen, the author of this fab blog has amazing taste, I pretty much like everything she posts about... I've even started to go through the archives : )

So yep, this one's a goodie! go pay a visit!

(image from Carpe + Item)

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Thanks so much for your patience today, I really appreciate it...

Will you join me tomorrow for D?

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