November 23, 2009

Paper Bella + Paper Boat Press


How was your weekend? I hope it was wonderful!

I had a chance to do some thinking over the weekend about how hectic this time of year is, and how much I struggled to keep this alphabet rolling last week. I don't want a repeat of it, so there are going to be a couple of changes until after Christmas - firstly I might double up some letters here and there (one double up a week if I need to)... and secondly, we are going to leave Blog Wonderland to make a come-back early in the new year.

I think by doing this I will lighten the load just a little - and no doubt as your festive season kicks into full swing, you will have less time to read - so hopefully this new format will fit nicely with season, with life and with you : )

Shall we get underway?

Paper Bella

It was by chance that I came across Liz Logan's Paper Bella store, and since it is brand new and only opened this month it is a treat to be able to share something new with you.

Painstakingly cut and assembled by hand, Liz's paper garlands and mobiles are divine! They have such a peaceful and mesmerising quality don't you think?

"I love the idea of using these as home décor and decorations for a special occasion. Paperbella décor will bring a whimsical element to any room and be a true eye catcher and conversation starter."

(images and quote from Paper Bella)

visit Liz's store
be in quick! Liz is offering FREE worldwide shipping until the end of November!

Paper Boat Press

We have a tradition that we only have heart shaped decorations on our tree. Most of our decorations are handmade as we sit down with whoever is sharing Christmas with us and we all make a new heart. It is then named and dated and hung, so we can reminisce year after year about who we've celebrated the season with.

Have you seen these gorgeous decorations from Kylie Johnson of Paper Boat Press? We don't often purchase decorations, but these ceramic ornaments are lovely, and I can hear the gorgeous petite round hearts calling my name : )

(images from Paper Boat Press)
visit Kylie's website
visit Kylie's store
read Kylie's blog

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Have a fabulous day!

See you tomorrow! xxoo

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Liz Logan said...

Thank you so very kindly for featuring me on your blog. I was simply delighted and it made me smile : )