November 19, 2009

crazy busy

hi : )

Things have been crazy busy here this week - you may have noticed that these letters arent jumping forth as they should!

I promise to have the rest of this weeks letters up tonight and tomorrow... in the meantime, I wanted to share this fabulous 'Around the World' poster from Julie Mercier that arrived in my inbox this week...

"French artist Julie Mercier has already illustrated many children's books and magazines. Here's now for L’Affiche Moderne her exclusive and monumental atlas. This artwork is just the ideal medium for your kid to discover all the richness and diversity of our great planet Earth, teeming with funny details and creatures. It will definitely be a source of numerous questions and discoveries and will catch your child’s imagination for hours. Available in English or French versions. "

(image and quote from Julie Mercier and L'Affiche Moderne)


visit L'Affiche Moderne to see and buy

see you soon!


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