November 3, 2009


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If you have ever worked anywhere where you have regular customers (like you do in hospitality), you will know about the relationships you build with them. The customers where you know them by their order, you know tidbits about their lives, you can talk to them about almost anything, but really you don't know them all.

For the past year or so I have worked weekends at our local cafe. It sadly got bitten by the recession, and didn't make it through the winter. When it closed I knew that there would be particular customers that I would miss the most.

- The couple who we had encouraged to have a baby, we watched that belly grow, we talked about pregnancy and names and the excitement of waiting for them to become first time parents. When the cafe closed one of the first things that struck me, was missing out on this wee babes life, how we had waited and waited for him to come, and how I might never get to meet him. I wanted to see the joy on his parents face as they introduced him to us, how we would get to know him and love him as one of our special 'cafe babes'.

Aunt Daisy's Boathouse Cafe by Timothy Greig

So, last week when I got a wee message from his mum asking me if I would like to meet him, how could I say no? And today I did just that. I met this wee boy that we had been waiting so eagerly for. And I am so pleased I did. I now might be able to watch him grow.. I may not be able to make him his first hot chocolate, but it is nice to know he is still in my life.

So yep, that is my excuse for not having finished C... I hope that is OK with you. It will be up a bit later... it's a goodie - I promise!

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(RIP Aunt Daisy's - we miss you xxoo)

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