August 3, 2009

Monday - in between alphabets 5 & 6

Hello and Welcome!

I hope you had a lovely weekend : )

Our weekend was great. The weather stayed fine enough for us to enjoy a huge walk on Saturday with our oldest son. We had a 2hour adventure around the coastline (about 5mins from our house), fossiking under rocks and collecting shells. It was fabulous. Our youngest son doesn't yet have the stamina to last the distance, so it was nice to take the opportunity to do it while he was playing at a friends house.

We also got to meet Georgia. She is a week old today, and is absolutely gorgeous! I am so looking forward to having her in our lives : )

So, what's in store this week?

For those of you new to The Design Alphabet, we are currently 'between' alphabet 5 and 6. I take a week off between alphabets to not only have a bit of a break, but to bring you other bits and bobs that don't fit into our alphabetical format.

This week I wanted to share some places that I find inspiring. I'm going to try to not do too much writing, as there will be some reading and eye candy on the other sites involved.

Shall we get started?

Biz Ladies

If you are a regular over at Design*Sponge you will be well familiar with Biz Ladies. I had never really delved in to the series too deeply, but since this wee Alphabetical blog has started taking some momentum, I have become more an more interested in the advice that is given in these columns.

Have you read any? Grace from d*s brings together her own expertise with the knowledge and experience of a whole resource of people. The Biz Ladies series has so far covered everything from Calculating Your Rate and Branding to Copyright 101 and Making Your First Hire.

There are (so far) 38 topics in the series. Targeted at makers and doers, designers and bloggers, there really is something for everyone... Jump over to the full catalogue and immerse yourself in this amazing source of knowledge and inspiration.


(image from Design*Sponge - with thanks to Grace for being so amazing!)

read the Biz Ladies series at Design*Sponge

I know you will find valuable information and inspiration in this Biz Ladies series. Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day!

See you tomorrow! xxoo

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