August 10, 2009

Alicia Bock + Annette Mangseth + A Cup of Jo

We aren't going to dilly-dally....let's jump right in!

Alicia Bock

I am so excited to begin Alphabet*Six with Alicia Bock. You have no doubt seen her work many times before, but just in case you need a refresher....

Alicia Bock is a self taught photographer that has an amazing ability to capture light.

Her 'As Seen On' list includes global favourites Sex in The City (The Movie Set) and Grey's Anatomy. When I first read that Alicia's work was on Grey's, I couldn't picture where they would even show artwork, but if you take a journey over to Alicia's blog you will see her work stealing scenes in the corridor of Seattle Grace. **Note to self: pay more attention to the walls!!**

I have chosen a series of Alicia's photographs that include birds. Each image gives me such a sense of freedom, of new beginnings and of purpose, - the perfect way to start this alphabet don't you think?


(images from Alicia Bock)

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Annette Mangseth

Those of you who have been visiting The Alphabet for a while would have probably picked up on my recent infatuation for mixed media work. Based in Norway, Annette Mangseth is a mixed media artist who definitely fits into my 'I like it!' category.

Annette's store is chock full of Original Illustrations plus Prints and Postcards from her original works. A lovely collection that is a fab example of collage and mixed media.

Take a peek:

(images from Annette Mangseth)

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ooohhh! our first voyage into Blog Wonderland! Keeping in our alphabetical theme, we are starting this series with ....

A Cup of Jo

A Cup of Jo is written by New York Magazine writer Joanna Goddard. Starting it's blog life in May 2006, A Cup of Jo is a wonderful mixture of the things Joanna loves and finds inspiring.

There are plenty of links and click throughs, in fact, you could be there for hours as you journey through Joanna's home life and inspirational finds.

Joanna also has a regular Wednesday Give-Away where she gives lucky readers the chance to win gorgeous treats - you'll love what is on offer!!

So make yourself a cuppa and skip on over : )

(image from A Cup of Jo)

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Thanks so much for joining me today, I hope you enjoyed the beginnings of this new journey....

see you tomorrow for B! xxoo

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