August 18, 2009

Illustration by Gosia + Gabrielle Kai + Design is Mine

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Illustration by Gosia

As I was flicking through our catalogue looking for subjects for G I realised that every Alphabet seems to have a theme - Paper Cutting was one, softies was definitely another and it is looking like photography will feature strongly in alphabet*six. Something that has remained consistent throughout all alphabets is my love for illustration.

I am guessing that this love wont be changing any time in the near future and am chuffed to be able to share the work of Gosia - a Polish born, Canada residing, illustrator, who has a list of awards that is both extensive and impressive.

I am loving that award winning artists are making their work so accessible and easy to purchase - have a look, I am sure you will find something that you love!

(images from Gosia)

visit Gosia's website
visit Gosia's store at etsy and the untapped source
read Gosia's blog

Gabrielle Kai

Here is another contributor to what seems to becoming a photographic theme for alphabet*six... The gorgeous work of Azarri Jarrett.

Azzari is a self taught photographer who finds inspiration in "the simple things in life – the stillness and beauty of the world."

After the birth of her daughter in 2006, Azzari's priorities shifted and she began to see the world in a completely different light. She felt empowered to capture the beauty that this new light exposed. Azzari's daughter Gabrielle Kai is whom her business is named after - "my source of inspiration and the spark of my creativity."


(images and quotes from Gabrielle Kai)

visit Azzari's website
visit Azzari's etsy store and big cartell store
read Azarri's blog

I wrote about Summer Allen-Gibson's blog 'Design is Mine' in Alphabet*4. I wanted to make sure that you have it bookmarked as one of your daily reads... do you?

If you don't have it bookmarked already here's some reasons why I recommend you do -
Design is Mine brings together a good dose of photo collages, a hint of fashion, fantastic Etsy finds and art collections, interior inspirations and a regular slot that inspired the Alphabet*4 post Thought of the Day.

I love it, and I know you will too! jump on over!

(image from Design is Mine)

Tomorrow brings the middle of the week, and a great line-up for H! I hope you'll join me then : )

See you soon! xxoo

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