August 11, 2009

Concrete and Honey + Jennifer Causey + Creativadoration

Hello : ) We have loads of photographic goodness to share with you today. Are you ready?

Concrete and Honey

I felt like a bit of serenity today, something that was peaceful, and beautiful, and calming. I knew that the work of Nicola Brooke from Concrete and Honey would be just the thing to satisfy my mood. You can just about smell the scent of these beautiful blooms below - aren't they divine?

"I am in love with the perfection of nature and the colours, textures and life it gives so many beautiful things around us. Flowers are my air, they allow me to breathe and make me feel lucky to be alive to enjoy them. I've never understood people that believe buying a bunch of flowers is a waste of money because they're only going to die. That's half their beauty: fragile, perishable, living - their life is a gift."

(images and quote from Nicola Brooke)

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Jennifer Causey

On a journey to discover the splendor in everyday life, free-lance photographer Jennifer Causey takes time out to capture the beauty of what is around her.

One would hope to be able to share breakfast with her, as she takes daily photographic recordings of her morning meal. Each are divine and are a perfect way to start the day (whether as a participant or online viewer!)

I have chosen some beautiful shots from Jennifer's store to share with you today. I encourage you to take a leaf our of Jennifer's book, lean back from the screen and see beauty in something you've never noticed before.


(images from Jennifer Causey)

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I first featured Janick Gravel's Nea range here, her embroidery work is to die for - and she makes beautiful jewellery as well!

Janick also writes a fabulous design and handmade blog Creativadoration, that features a great selection of the things she (and no doubt you will too) finds inspiring. There are loads of links and eye candy and goodness galore. It really is worth a browse.... off you go.... : )

(part of image from Creativadoration)

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Nea and Nea Blossoms

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Favourite Find

I wanted to leave you today with some more photographic goodness, this time from the blog of food and prop stylist Paul Lowe.

These beautiful knitted cosies are just heavenly. Can you imagine starting the day having your tea served all cosied up in this knitted loveliness? perfection!

(images from Sweet Paul)

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Lots to see, read and click today! Have a wonderful day everyone!
See you tomorrow for D! xxoo

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