August 19, 2009

Inklore + Inspiration Daily + Inside Out


How was the first half of your week? I hope it has gone as planned... we are now sailing toward the weekend - yay! Today's ensemble is lookin' good! - enjoy!


There is nothing like arty crafty goods that are practical, and there's nothing like choosing arty crafty goods to use around your home - no more boring bins to store you wool, or plastic tags to hold your keys - why would you when you can have a hand printed lavender sachet on your key chain? or a gorgeous purpose-made 'yarn keep' next to your favourite knitting chair? Sam from Inklore makes and prints all this and more - check it out...

(images from Inklore)

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Inspiration Daily

This is probably something that is already firmly fixed into your regular reading, but just in case it isn't, I wanted to share one of my favourite daily stops - Inspiration Daily at Creature Comforts.

Ez from Creature Comforts is well known for her impeccable taste and ability to find the most gorgeous goodies to share on her site, and her Inspiration Daily segment is one that I really look forward to.

Ez chooses one image a day to share, and as with everything at Creature Comforts, each image is beautiful. I find this the perfect place to ponder before beginning my day and I trip over there when I need a bit of time out or when I need to reflect and charge my batteries - And then there's the links! Oh my! You could get lost in there!

I have chosen my favourite image out of Ez's recent posts. You will need to hop over Creature Comforts to see more - enjoy!

(image from Creature Comforts. image by Andrew F)

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I couldn't skip through 'i' without mentioning Inside Out. Inside Out is one of my favourite Australian home and design magazines that always manages to put together a collection of the most gorgeous homes and interior pieces.

It was pretty exciting stuff when the Inside Out blog was launched in March this year, and sticking true to all that is fabulous about the magazine, the Inside Out blog delivers more delicious design and interiors, a bit of background into the magazine's feature articles, and "where the staff happily reveal a few of their favourite things". Ohhh! and the sneak peek into their new magazine layout is divine! I can't wait for the next issue!

(image and quote from Inside Out)

I am off to a Contemporary Art exhibition with my oldest son this morning - I can't wait!

have a great day!

See you tomorrow for J! xxoo

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kreachr said...

Ooh I so want one of those knitting bag thingees from Inklore now - darn you!!