August 26, 2009

Melissa Sue Stanley + A Mischievous Marriage + Meet Me At Mikes

Mmmmm lets begin with some softie love!

Melissa Sue Stanley

Melissa Sue Stanley is the creator of a fab hand made collection of critters that you may have seen recently in the Summer 2009 issue Stuffed Magazine.

You know I have a soft spot for softies right?? Well it took me ages to decide what images to choose to show you here - you should really just go and check them out for yourself....

I would have to say that The Tootsie Monster (pictured 2nd down) is a little bit scary, in a kinda cute Gollum (if Gollum can be at all cute) way! - what do you think?

(images from Melissa Sue Stanley)

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A Mischievous Marriage

I LOVED these stands by A Mischievous Marriage as soon as I saw them. They are so simple, so clever and so beautiful. I wish I had a counter big enough to display my fruit and veg like this. They would make the best table centrepiece don't you think?

Designed and made by Andy and Victoria (the geniuses behind A Mischievous Marriage) each pedestal is hand shaped ... "When you are ready, just pluck and eat from your very own sculpture garden where fruits and vegetables perch ....Delicious to look at even when everything has been harvested! Endless possibilities."

Beats a fruit bowl any day!!

(images and quote from Mischievous Marriage)

visit Victoria and Andy's
visit Victoria and Andy's

I couldn't skip through M without mentioning Meet Me At Mikes...

Meet Me At Mikes really is one of those 'Must Read' blogs. Written by the super talented Pip Lincolne - is there anything this gal can't do?!

Meet Me At Mikes showcases everything from craft, to cooking to fashion and design finds... there's also great discussion, links to Brown Owls ( a craft group Pip organised) and then there's the book, and the shop and..... well, it's a must read - You should get over there!

(image from Meet Me At Mikes)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Hope you enjoyed M! Have a wonderful day!

See you tomorrow for N xxoo


kreachr said...

Loving the entire M range today - awesome picks!!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered that we were featured on your lovely bog!! Thank you so much for including us and the kind words.
Victoria from A Mischievous Marriage

Pip Lincolne said...

ooh! It's us! Thank you so much! We are very honoured to appear over here with such lovely company! Merci! xx