August 5, 2009

in dream land

Minnie Pwerle

Both Steve and I have always loved Australian Aboriginal Art and enjoy spending time in galleries in Australia oohing and ahhing over different pieces. Recently, we have been looking for (and dreaming about) a new piece of art, and it lead me on a 'online' journey to look for some Aboriginal artworks.

As you can imagine, it is easy to get lost amongst all the beautiful colour, forms and techniques - a nice place to get lost mind you! It was on this 'lost' journey that I discovered the work of Minnie Pwerle.

Minnie herself was an amazing lady. Born C1920's, in the Northern Territory, north of Alice Springs. Minnie, the mother of seven children (including acclaimed artist Barbara Weir), lead a traditional life of child rearing, food gathering and ceremony.

Minnie first started painting on canvas when she was in her 80's. She painted her traditional designs of the awelye (women's ceremony) and Bush Melon Dreaming which she inherited.

Minnie's works on canvas were a huge success and have been exhibited in galleries all over the world. She has been included in the 50 most collectible Australian artists by the Australian Art Collector (2004, 2005), and her work is still sought after by collectors today.

Minnie passed away in 2006 and left a substantial body of work which conveyed her deep connection to the land and the knowledge of the foods that it provides.

I think what captures me most about Minnie's and other Australian Aboriginal works is the history and tradition behind each piece. A story that is well worth listening to and learning from. The Australian Aboriginal people are an amazing race and Minnie's works are beautiful.


Please Note: when I was researching this post, I found conflicting information, especially in regards to times and dates. I have, where possible tried to portray information accurately.

For more information about Minnie and to view her work, please use the following links:

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