August 14, 2009

Emma Klingbeil + Elin Thomas + Elinkan

It's the end of the week, how has your week been? Mine has been full. Full in a good way, all though I am looking forward to the weekend... shall we begin this journey into E?

Emma Klingbeil

Emma Klingbeil's work makes me smile. I thought ending the week with some smiles would be a good thing, dont you think?

Emma's collection is full of original creations "...odd little creature's daily lives and desires...strange places in time - in childhood - where you know you've seen a monster behind the shower curtain, or your pet cat talked for a split second, then, after time it becomes a dream."

This first image below made the corners of my mouth upturn as I think about the 'Colossal Squid' that we have at our National Museum, TePapa. I am sure that everyone that goes to visit it, imagines a gigantic creature of the deep, with a belly full of ships and sailors like the octopus pictured below, and the ones that are so often depicted in stories.

Trust me, there is no way I would want to come face to face with 'our' Colossal Squid, but I have to say, it isnt quite as enourmous as I imagined, it actully just looks, well, kind of... big.

I am lovin' this guy below - and the sailor pictured at the bottom of this series should probably watch out : )

(images from Emma Klingbeil)

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Elin Thomas

Are you up for a dose of beautiful, intricate goodness? Well here it is! This is a glimpse into the work of Elin Thomas. I decided to show you some of Elin's jewellery work, and then give you the links so you can browse her mould wall art and accessories. - yep that does say mould, trust me, you just have to look!

Anyway, back to the jewellery... do you see that gorgeous necklace pictured last in this series? Well it's actually a really clever piece. The three 'beads' are re /moveable, so you can wear just the necklace or you can have as many or as few beads as you like. I love the idea of changeable jewellery - especially beautiful-handmade-crochet changeable jewellery : )

(images from Elin Thomas)

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I thought I'd end the week with something a bit different - no interiors or product shots here!

Elinkan is the blog and photographic documentation of the life of a 19 year old, very stylish, young lass from Sweden. Elin documents, through photography, her latest outfits, purchases and quite a lot of cake and icecream : ) I really like what Ranna from Only Shadow had to say...

Elin "introduces the reader to her wicked personal style, latest purchases and enviabe talent of mixing different patterns together seamlessly.Even if your swedish is far from fluent you don't really have to worry about the lingual barrier, because like many other swedish blogs Elinkan is very pictocentric. In one of her posts Elin even teaches the reader to make a stylin' mini dress out of an old flannel shirt in three simple images.Talk about communicating without words! "

I suggest you take some time out over your weekend (or now) and have a peek.

(image from Elinkan, quote from Only Shadow)

Speaking of weekends - it's the weekend! Do you have any plans? I hope that wherever you are and whatever you do, your days are full of happiness.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, thanks so much for sharing the week with me,

See you Monday for F! xxoo

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MJ said...

Saw some of Emma Klingbeil's work at the Eau Claire show Holy Mackerel. There's a great story and photos of the exhibit at VolumeOne Magazine website.