August 26, 2009

Luka Kristapaviciute + Linea Carta + Melissa Loves

I have a special double post to share today... to make up for yesterday slipping into a void...

L and M - can you believe we are at M already?? Already in the middle of this alphabet*six?? It has slipped past so quickly don't you think?

Lets get started...

Luka Kristapaviciute

I stumbled across the work of Luka Kristapaviciute the other day and knew I had to share her Lukaluka ceramics with you. These super cute decorative pieces are hand painted and oven baked ready for display. (Luka will even throw in a plate stand that she has designed herself!)

It is the characters that Luka paints on each piece that make them truly unique. I love the description she gave to the Animal Vase (pictured 4th) below...

"Ms Fox loves drinking morning coffee in her balcony. She sits here and watches busy people going to work. Her neighbour, Mrs. Deer is famous actress, living next door. With other two friends they go for a glass of wine to the city or girls company go to dance somewhere on Friday night. Ms. Rabbit is dreaming all the time. She just left her umbrella somewhere in the park, always forgets to turn off lamps at home, she makes mistakes in letters, you know, that all happens when you fall in love. Ms. Cat, well known music critics writes articles for international magazines and dreaming to open her own music school. "

(images and quote from Luka Kristapaviciute)

visit Luka's website
visit Luka's store

Linea Carta

I have been over at the Diva Pyari's Linea Carta website and I could of copied and pasted everything! But, I decided against it and thought I would share images of Diva's linen range as it is absolutely adorable. (Speaking of adorable you have to go and check out the cutest tees and the sweetest mobile).

Linea Carta is Italian for 'paper line' or 'paper collection', so Diva's range also includes a substantial range of paper goods "... a comprehensive eco-luxury (and eco-cute!) line of stationery and gifts for your wedding, your home, and your baby. Made with sustainable, recycled, non-toxic materials. Made by hand, and made locally."

Everything is hand made and printed in California.

(images and quote from Linear Carta)

visit Diva's website
read Diva's blog

In Wonderland today we have Melissa Loves...

You may recognise Melissa Loves from her regular guest spot over at Creature Comforts, and you may already be well familiar with her blog, but just in case you haven't added it to your bookmarks, here's the lowdown...

Melissa Loves is a gorgeous daily compilation of art, design, craft and fashion - all the good stuff! - and with fabulous taste to boot! You should go and immerse yourself : )

(image from Melissa Loves)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Oh and one last thing before you skip on out of here.... Small Magazine has a new issue out...Small is my all time favourite magazine for all the best stuff for kiddlies...if you haven't done so all ready, subscribe and enjoy! (subscription is free)

(image from Small Magazine)

M is following close behind so keep an eye out : )

Have a great day! xxoo

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Melissa de la Fuente said... incredibly sweet! And I am honored to be included with these lovely ladies( linea carta and Luka) What a fun idea to go through the alphabet this way!
Thanks for this!