September 4, 2008


Hi! welcome to this 'I' post.. there's a great selection today.. The people and products that get featured here blow me away on a daily basis - people are so clever!! - enjoy!...

In My Backyard

Katie Wilson is the New Zealand based designer behind the flawless In My Backyard collection.
Katie's handmade range includes all sorts of hand painted, printed and stitched goodness.

I have just noticed some new goodies in her store - stuffed bird decorations and notebooks! - have a look!

(images from In My Backyard)

visit Katie's website
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see Katie's website for stockists


Blossom and Bill (from the Isak Collection) are just about household names. This free-spirited, nature loving (and nude) couple can be found in homes around the globe - there's even a look-a-like competition on their Facebook page!

Who is Blossom and Bill? They are characters created by Sandra Isaksson - the designer behind the Isak Collection. Along with Blossom and Bill, Sandra creates a fresh, bright and modern range of gifts and home accessories. Since its launch in 2006 the Isak Collection has grown to include, serving ware, prints and posters, wallpapers, blankets and more - take a peek...

(images from Isak)

visit the Isak website
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see more of Sandra's work


I love Sofia Arnold's Animal Parade in her Icebear store.. The Animal Parade is a set of five silk screened softies all joined together by a fancy ribbon. Sofia obviously has a love for printing and pattern and you can see it in her work.

"I've recently started silk screen printing. It's the best. I want to be printing when I am ninety years old. I want to be printing when I fall over dead, for that matter. Let's just hope there are many prints between now and when that happens."

Check it out...

(images from Icebear)

visit the Icebear store
read Sofia's blog
see Sofia's pattern work

And there we have it for I. I hope you enjoyed it : )

tomorrow... you guessed it....J! see you then!! xx


kendalee said...

Just when I think I can't love what you post any more, I love what you post even more! The new alphabet is wonderful so far - thank you!

the design alphabet said...

you are so kind! Thank you Kendalee : ) have a lovely weekend!