September 19, 2008

T... a drink with jam and bread....

and here is T - enjoy!!

Tiny Happy

Melissa (sorry, I couldn't find her surname anywhere), is a New Zealander currently residing in Norway... she is the creative wonder woman behind the gorgeous Tiny Happy collection. Each of her pieces is lovingly made out of beautiful vintage fabrics. Her baby slippers are adorable and Melissa's store is definitely worth a visit! Have a look:

(images from Tiny Happy)

visit the Tiny Happy shop
read Melissa's blog


Tsktsk is the work of Australian artist and designer Tiel Seivl-Keevers. Tiel has been producing original work for all age groups since 2003, and it encompasses many techniques and styles. I love her range of 'Hephalumps'! Both her children's artwork collection and her work for 'grown-ups' are just a beautiful - take a peek:

(images from Tsktsk)

visit Tiel's website
view more of Tiel's work
visit Tiel's shop

Two Sarahs

I'm not really one for photo blocks.. in fact I really don't like them at all...but I LOVE these image blocks from Two Sarahs.. not only does the range contain image blocks there is also a fab collection of cards and prints... I like it!

(images from Two Sarahs)

visit the Two Sarahs shop

read Two Sarahs bio

It's the weekend! - again!!

This week has just flown by! Another weekend is upon us! - Are you up to much? I am hoping for sunshine tomorrow as we are going to a BBQ and doing some horse riding, which I am really excited about - I'm not actually sure why I'm so excited, as I haven't ridden a horse for many, many years.. but I am looking forward to the boys having a go... My husband and I are also going on a date tonight : ) a very rare event indeed, so we are looking forward to that!

Whatever you do, I hope you have a lovely weekend .. see you next week! - The last week in this 2nd Alphabet Set - can you believe it??!!

See you Monday! x

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