September 17, 2008

R you ready???

Hi... and here we are at R!

I'm not particularly in to skateboarding - all though I did enjoy the Dogtown movies.. but I do admire the occasional artwork on skateboard boys (both kids and husband) are pretty keen on it - so, this first R post is dedicated to them : )

Refill Seven

"Seven is an exhibition of lasered skateboard art. A world first of it's kind, Seven allows artists to explore the idea of lasering away at the seven layers of ply to make their mark on the board. A select group of artists have contributed their works to explore this new technology. Only 50 will be produced per artist. The aim is to show a series of unique decks that collectors may choose to ride or display. "

So, I'm not that hot on some of the images, but the laser cutting is amazing...... here are my favourite picks...

(images and quote from Refill Seven)

visit Refill Seven's website
see Refill seven on Flickr

Rowena Dugdale

Our next two features are both from Rowena Dugdale.

I am going to showcase Rowena's work in two collections of images - the first is a look at the fabulous Clutches she has for sale in her Red Ruby Rose store -This is what I was going to post about originally until I discovered that Rowena is an amazing illustrator that specializes in collage and photo, the second collection of images is looking at the fantastic body of work from her portfolio... enjoy!

Clutches from Red Ruby Rose - they are completely exquisite and it really is worth a browse over at Rowena's shop : )

and a glimpse into her 'professional' work...

(images from Rowena Dugdale and Red Ruby Rose)


visit the Red Ruby Rose shop
see Rowena's website
see more of Rowena's work

And, that is R... I think Q enjoyed having a buddy today! Thanks so much for stopping by : )

see you tomorrow for S! x

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Becca said...

My first purse ever, when I was little, had a twist closure like the ones by Rowena. Hers are positively exquisite!