September 3, 2008

The letter of the day is.....H

Hi.. lets get straight to it..

Hanna Nyman

Oh My! have you seen the work of Hanna Nyman?

Hanna creates an incredibly beautiful range of lighting and interactive wallpaper - yes, that does say "interactive wallpaper"!

Hanna's Wallpaper is not only stunning it its mere printed form, but extraordinary in it's 3D form.

From what I've been able to find out (her website is in Swedish), the Wallpaper has a peel-able print which. when peeled, makes the pattern literally jump off the wall.. this in turn creates amazing shadows and reveals a hidden pattern beneath. It is up to the 'peeler' to decide when and where to stop peeling.

There is also another range of wallpaper that seems to have movable origami like sculptures that are magnetically attached to the paper creating a unique 3D pattern.

Hanna's lighting is just as intriguing - beautiful crafted, and in a similar origami style. - The lights look beautiful illuminated... - you have to have a look!!

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(images from Hanna Nyman and Baekdal)


check out Hanna's website
go to to read more


No doubt you would of seen these gorgeous paper wreaths in the press... I couldn't resist posting them here because I think they are just stunning...

Haru is the work of designer Elizabeth Jackson. Elizabeth's beautiful wreaths are "a celebration of beautiful paper and forgotten books....books that were loved by the previous owner, books that have been in someones library for many years, books with personalised bookplates and / or handwritten names and dates..."

take a peek:

(images from Haru)

visit Elizabeths store
check out more images on Elizabeth's Flickr page


Have you been to Huset??

I oogle over their website quite often!! Huset is the one stop shop for the best in Scandinavian design... everything in the store has that impeccable Scandinavian style that is elegant and contemporary...

"Huset is 'the house' for the savvy design enthusiast; bringing together the rare and unusual of today's visionaries plus the time-tested Scandinavian icons of design, directly to your front door."

this is just the tiniest snippet because I want you to go skip over there for a look!!

(images from Huset)

visit Huset's online store

And that's H... wow we are whizzing through this alphabet!

tomorrow is I - see you then! x

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kendalee said...

Oh, I saw these gorgeous paper wreaths a while ago and then completely forgot where I'd seen them! Thank you for finding them and reminding me - this time I will add Elizabeth's shop to my favourites. :)