September 9, 2008

brought to you by the letter L

Hi! welcome to 'L'! There's a nice combo of treats today - enjoy!

ife Modern

I first came across Life Modern over at Studio Home Creative...I have since been lucky enough to receive all their delicious images and press info - yay!

Creators Nick and Amy Joblin loved the idea if offering quirky graphics on home accessories and launched their Life Modern brand to do just that. With a fabulous selection of Duvets, Pillowcase and Euro Cushions, each item in the Life Modern collection is perfectly printed with Nick and Amy's signature loves - animals, nature, art and thick ink pens! - have a look:

(images from Life Modern)

visit the Life Modern website
(international shipping is available)


Allison Jones is the creative hands and mind behind the super cute Lark collection.
Launched in 2005, Allison's ethical and whimsical range of handmade toys, accessories and home wares are now available throughout the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the U.S.

With Lark's continuous growth, Allison formed 'Lark and Friends', a collaboration of her own work and the work of a group of like-minded independent designers from Australia and the UK - resulting in a gorgeous collection of vintage inspired, ethically made goodies - have a look:

(images from Lark and Friends)

visit the Lark website
read the Allison's blog


Dana Komjaty is the talented Amsterdam based designer behind the fabulous Leililaloo collection.

Leililaloo is a gorgeous range of hand embroidered, hand printed and hand sewn little treasures - take a peek:

(images from Leililaloo)


visit Dana's website
visit the Leililaloo store
read Dana's blog
see Dana's painting work

And that is L.. I hope you enjoyed it!

Both my boys are home from school today, so hopefully we will spend the day on a creative adventure together : )

Have a lovely day! see you tomorrow for M!

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