September 24, 2008

Inspired by Max...

OK, I have to be honest... I have been struggling with X - I mean REALLY struggling! - I will so need help for the next one!! - help?

I had figured that I would write about Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan (the founder of Apartment Therapy) who emails me everyday with amazing finds, incredible house tours, fab decorating tips and some DIY goodness... well, actually I subscribe to Maxwell's daily Apartment Therapy Blog so I get sent it every day : ) But you know, when you have someone in your life that often, you start to feel like it's a bit personal - don't you??!

above: Maxwell and daughter Ursula - image from Cookie Magazine

So, yep, all set for a post about Max, and a couple of days ago Victoria at sfgirlbybay did a post about Max - he was actually in her apartment, in the flesh, and they appeared on TV together!! So, yeah, I can't really compete with that!! But, I can give you a gander at my pick of inspiring stuff that Max has sent my way... have a look:

Inspired by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan

I LOVE the top picture - that swinging bed is just divine! The room just looks so airy and light - and so stress free! And the bottom pic: what I love about this house is that it actually looks like people live there - real people!

Above images from the home of AB Chao, courtesy of Apartment Therapy
See more HERE

Top Pic: This artwork is absolutely stunning and I would LOVE it above my bed... and the bottom pic is also great! Can you imagine being bold enough to use that wallpaper - It's fabulous, I just don't know whether I'd have the guts to use it!

'Forever' by Tim and Sue Webster
Above images from the home of Amalia Dayan and Adam Lindemann courtesy of NY
See more HERE

Max had a whole post dedicated to Chalkboard Paint - and this is my fave.. The whole Karkula store is painted in Chalkboard Paint and the signage / price tags are just written on the walls - inspiring!

Above image is of the Karkula Store courtesy of Apartment Therapy
Read the whole post HERE

And.. well, this place is just to die for! - check out that pool!! The whole house is incredible and definitely worth an online visit! - have a look!

Above images of Olle Lundberg's Cabin courtesy of Apartment Therapy
see more HERE

Of course clicking through to the links above takes you through to a whole world of Apartment Therapy - be warned! if you haven't ventured here before give yourself some time to enjoy the feast of resources.

If being online for that long drives you a bit nuts then there is good news! Maxwell has two books out -"Apartment Therapy Presents: Real H People, Hundreds of Design Solutions" and "Apartment Therapy - The Eight Step Home Cure"... you can buy them at the Design Alphabet Book Store HERE.

And to see more - visit Victoria at sfgirlbybay and click the link through to her television slot with Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan - enjoy!

It's our last day tomorrow before our week long break... we are going away for the week so I am not sure if I will be able to post anything or not - if you don't want to keep checking back through the week, feel free to subscribe and we'll let you know when new posts are up...

see you tomorrow for y and z! xx

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