September 22, 2008

V is for ...........

You know, sometimes the letters that you think may be a bit tricky are the ones that come up trumps.. I really like all of the things featured today in 'V'... I hope you do too...

First up -

Ana Ventura

I love Ana Ventura's work! Her Cut and Paste series in particular is wonderful - and her website has such a fantastic look into the process of making each really is worth a look! I often fantasize about creating my own little range of goodies and I think I want to be as clever as Ana Ventura when I grow up!! - here's a glimpse:

(images from Ana Ventura)

visit Ana's website
see Ana's Cut and Paste series in progress
visit Ana's shop

Valentine's Attic

Ooh! Have you seen Valentine's Attic?? This type of montaging is one of my favourites - made using a mixture of photography, vintage photographs, photoshop, illustration and paint... what do you think??

"I collect and reclaim "unwanted" photographs and ephemera, mainly vintage, with the occasional contemporary find. With these images, I dissect and then reassemble them, weaving them with my own personal iconography to give them a new purpose."

Have a look:

(images from Valentine's Attic)


visit Valentine's Attic shop
read Valentine's Attic blog

Vessels and Wares

I first came across the work of Jeanette Zeis whilst browsing on Etsy... I have since immersed myself into her website and discovered just how clever this gal is. Jeanette's work immediately caught my eye and I think it was the patterns imprinted into the clay that appealed...

"I love to push the clay to it's limits, stopping just short of collapse (or not). Using this style of throwing is exciting. I am never quite sure if my next push will ruin the piece or make it great."

(images from Jeanette Zeis)

visit Jeanette's website
visit the Vessels and Wares shop

And that is V.. I hope you liked it : ) There is plenty on the way for W... see you back here tomorrow - Have a great day! x

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