September 7, 2008

oh K!

Welcome to a new week! I hope you had an enjoyable weekend. We had a chance to have our dinner at the beach on Sunday night and then watched the sun set over the South Island - beautiful! I hope that it was the first of many beach dinners this summer : )

OK... lets get started...

Katydid Paper Goods

I have had the pleasure of knowing Katie Sims for a while now...not only is she a super mum of two young boys, she is the sole distributor of the fabulous Eeboo range here in NZ - and on Sunday's you can see her manning the great wee design store Wanda Harland out in Petone... and...if she didn't already have enough to do, Katie has started her own line - Katydid Paper Goods.

Retail stores around NZ have been lucky to have been stocking Katie's range for a while, and now the rest of the world can enjoy it too with the launch of her sparkling new Etsy store - have a look!

(images from Katydid Paper Goods)

visit Katie's website
buy at Katie's Etsy Store

K Studio

Shelley and Mary Klein from K Studio believe "Green design doesn't have to look a certain way. At k studio we believe that good design and sustainability are not at odds with on another." - I like it! I also have a (rather large : ) soft spot for their fabulous range of home accessories...

With all their products designed, embroidered, packaged and shipped in Grand Rapids (Michigan), it is hard to not love the K Studio collection.

(images from Design Public)

visit the K Studio website

Kelani Fabric Obsession

Kelani Fabric Obsession (great name huh??!!) is a new online fabric store (based in Australia), with an impressive collection of "contemporary modern fabrics with a vintage twist".

What is particularly exciting about Kelani is their range of exclusive fabrics from a couple of my favourite Australian designers - Shannon Lamden and Lara Cameron - check them out...

(images from Kelani Fabric Obsession)

visit the Kelani website
read the Kelani Blog

And there we have it.. the beginning to another week!

see you back here tomorrow for L! have a great day! x

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Elissa said...

What a fantastic blog!!! Thanks so much for the lovely mention here and please pop in again in the next couple of weeks for more Australian designer exclusive colourways of Lara and Shannon's at Kelani Fabric! Elissa