September 21, 2008

U are my sunshine...

Hello! welcome to a new week!

The last time I did 'U', I did a series dedicated to products under $20, under $35 and under $50 from Urban Outfitters... I thought I'd carry on that theme and find you some SUPER bargains!
So this post is a showcase of goodies under $10 from Ikea...(The prices are in Australian Dollars)... enjoy! - and find yourself a bargain!!!

above: CELEBAR Spice Jars (set of 2)

above: MARIUS Stool $6.95

above: TRIPP Tins with Lids (set of 3) $6.95

above: SKAFFER Vacuum Flask $9.95

above: INGER Fabric $9 per metre

above: TRIVSAM Espresso Cup and Saucer $3.95

above: KORT Art Cards (pack of 5) $5

above: BAS Display Box from $4.95

above: CHARM Potato Peeler $2

above: FABLER Place Mat $1.95

above: TASSA NATT Wall Lamp $9.95

above: JORUN Cushion Cover $5

above: PROPER Spice Jar (set of 2) $8.95

above: BUSIG Tray $8

(images from Ikea)

Shop at an IKEA near you!

But wait there's more...

How about combining these 'under $10' bargains with Grace's (from Design Sponge) Under $100 column on Domino... Skip on over and have a look!

So, here we are on the last leg of this Alphabet!! It's amazing how fast this one has gone by! Like last time, I am doubling up Y and Z on Friday so we can round out the week, and then the following week we are into our 'holiday' and will take a break from the Alphabet..all the while preparing ourselves for the next one - yay! - and remember if you know of, or make anything you think should be featured, please don't hesitate to get in touch! - I love hearing from you : )

Have a great week everyone! See you tomorrow for V!


Lily, Rosemary and The Jack of Hearts said...

oh why oh why don't we have an ikea in NZ! :(

the design alphabet said...

I know!! If the rumors are true one is planned for Albany in Auckland.. apparently they were looking at Sylvia Park but there wasn't enough room for the quantity of car park spaces they required, so, here's hoping, that the Albany store isnt just a rumor!!