September 15, 2008

P is for....

Hello! Welcome to a new week!

I hope you had a lovely weekend. We managed to do all the things on our 'list', and had a really enjoyable weekend together as a family...we visited the City Art Gallery, walked around the Wellington waterfront, had dinner at the beach...all good stuff!

This P post is dedicated to Porcelain, Pottery and Ceramics... I keep finding ranges that are too good to wait until 'their letter comes up'.. so, here we go.. P is for

Porcelain , Pottery and Ceramics

First up we have..

Whitney Smith

I love the femininity of Whitney Smith's work... the smooth surfaces, fabulous colours, beautiful shapes and the hints of nature...

"My design sense is primarily informed by my obsession with flowers and other forms found in nature. I have painted and drawn since I was a small child, and many of the designs are influenced by other painters and 2-D artists. I am also strongly influenced by Art Nouveau and the Arts and Crafts movement of the 19th early 20th century. I like the look and feel of old things and antiques, and the glaze choices have a certain look that reminds me of a different era."

Have a look:

(images and quote from Whitney Smith)

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Polly George

Polly George's Mr and Mrs Jones Citrus Juicers are my favourite! So clever and with such a good sense of humor too.. As well as the quirky 'Jones' series, Polly creates a collection of gorgeous and functional pieces...

"Designed in rural Kent and handmade in Stoke-on-Trent, the historical centre if finest English Pottery, Polly's pure and simple white shapes are the trademark of her studio. Produced in teh highest quality Bone China and individually decorated with hand applied butterflies, roses, birds an her lilliputian family of Mr and Mrs Jones."

(images and quote from Polly George)


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Paloma's Nest

Paloma's Nest is a simple, thought provoking and beautiful collection from Caroline Colom Vasquez. I love the idea of someone using her 'Will you marry Me?" dish when they pop the question.. so romantic, and what a keepsake treasure!

"Paloma's Nest is dedicated to creating pieces for the home and for the heart. Each piece is designed and hand crafted in my own studio in Austin, Texas, by me, with care and pride and passion. I use only natural materials including fine clays, wood, paper and cloth.

My inspiration lies int he purity of the materials I use, and the idea that something so simple can be so bold. By adding text, I give written ideas, feelings and daydreams a place to rest."

(images and quote from Paloma's Nest)

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Alyssa Ettinger

Another clever and beautiful collection. I am particularly drawn to Alyssa Ettinger's 'knitted' range - a collection of work imprinted with the texture of knitting - everything from cable knit to good ol' knit-one-purl-one... her series of milk bottles are beautiful too...

"It's a far different environment than the more corporate world where I once worked," she says. "Being a ceramic artist doesn't make you wealthy, but I've reached a point in my like where being happy and content are a far more valuable currency."

(images and quote from Alyssa Ettinger)


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And there we have P. I hope you have enjoyed this showcase of my favourite porcelain, pottery and ceramic artists...

Have a lovely day. See you tomorrow for Q!

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