March 14, 2010

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ISO50 originally started as Scott Hansen's answer to an online portfolio. It has since grown to encompass a shop, a clothing line and a blog.

I came across Scott's ISO50 site through a regular visit to Grain Edit, and really, Scott's work is the pinnacle of everything that Grain Edit aspires to; "classic design work from the 1950s-1970s and contemporary designers that draw inspiration from that time period."

Don't you think that the colours and style of Scott's work evoke a perfect sense of sunshine and freedom? -I love it!!

"Design, to me, is the search for efficiency. Efficiency in conveying a message, efficiency of form. In this way I see some of my own work falling into the category of design, while some of my other work falls under the umbrella of illustration.

With the more illustrative pieces my primary goal is to create something beautiful or striking in a visceral sense. These goals remain intact when I create a purely design-driven piece, but there is the added goal of minimalism and efficiency which constrains the process and limits the content. It is these constraints that force us as designers to reveal the core of the idea we are trying to express and to seek the most direct route to it.

In this way, all of the periphery and excess of illustration and fine art can be shed to expose the roots of visual communication and express them in a concise and instantly understandable form. When I see something that embodies these ideals it is always very moving, these are the things that drive me to create."

(images from Scott Hansen, quotes from Scott Hansen and Grain Edit)

visit Scott's website
visit Scott's store

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