March 3, 2010

+ Caroline Slotte

Happy Wednesday!

Hows your day going? Good I hope : )

I'm going to jump right in today - ready?

Caroline Slotte

I've been on an online journey this morning - you know how it can be, right? You start off somewhere, maybe a regular stop, and you end up, through a series of clicks and links, somewhere you would never had found on your own. That is exactly how I came upon the work of Caroline Slotte. Luckily we happen to be up to C today, which means there's no waiting to share the work of this clever gal with you...

The work of Helsinki born Caroline is breathtaking. It ticks all my boxes - vintage ceramics? check. Intricate cutting? check. Completely in awe? check.

Working mainly with found vintage ceramics, Caroline carefully cuts into the patterns, removing and re-gluing pieces to create gorgeous layered scenes or images.

"I’m interested in how the interventions direct or obstruct the associations of the viewer. The manipulated objects are characterised by a tension between the recognisable and the mysterious, the familiar and the unfamiliar. I rework the ceramics by cutting directly into it, by sculpting and sanding, and by combining elements from different objects. In this way, the work process becomes a way of questioning the material and highlighting stories contained in the objects."

take a peek:

(images and quote from Caroline Slotte with thanks to )
visit Caroline's website
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It has turned out to be the most glorious day - a tad windy but sunny all the same : )
Have a wonderful day where ever you are!

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