March 15, 2010

+ Clothkits


Wow, it has been a busy few days! On Friday I ended up staying at school all day(!) They really do know how to entice a mama who is interested in art!

I went on a school trip with my youngest to the local City Gallery to learn about the art of Milan Mrkusich; "one of New Zealand’s leading artists investigating languages of abstraction" -(Source: City Art Gallery). The children (all aged 5 and 6) got to explore colours and shapes, and how to find freedom in the arrangements of both.

During the afternoon I helped in the classroom while the children created a visual 'mihimihi' which is a visual representation of themselves, their ancestry and the things they hold dear.

- it was fun!

Have you had a chance to catch up on I and J? If not, you'll find them below. Are you ready for K?


I thought Clothkits would be a fun way to 'officially' start the week. You have probably seen these Kiss and Hug Tapestry Kits that have been starring in blogland recently - they are a part of the are Clothkits collection. Have you had a chance to view the rest of the collection yet? - you must!

"The heritage of Clothkits spans 40 years, having been originally founded in 1968 by Anne Kennedy around the kitchen table. And on it grew to enormous proportions, and by the late 1980s Clothkits employed over 400 staff from the Lewes headquarters. Eventually bought out by catalogue giant Freemans, the identity of the Clothkits company was swallowed up by this new owner and made dormant.

After a period of 17 years in hibernation our Sussex based firm relaunched in 2008 with a fresh new collection of gorgeous outfits for you to cut and sew at home. Very much a family concern, Kay Mawer breathed new life into the company after graduating from Art School, with much help from daughters Grace and Tilly (where would we be without family members as willing models!?). "

I spent ages over at the Clothkits site, browsing around and oohing and ahhing...If you are a fan of Rob Ryan aka Mister Rob, like I am, you will no doubt find plenty to love! You really should take a peek!

(images and quote from Clothkits)

visit the Clothkits website

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Have a wonderful Monday!

See you tomorrow for L! xxoo

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