March 4, 2010

+ Debra M Smith


Here we are at Thursday, sliding towards the end of the week already! How has your week shaped up so far? I do hope it is coming together nicely for you.

Shall we get going?

Debra M Smith

Debra M Smith's name has been written in my catalogue for a while now - and looking through her portfolio I have to question why I haven't shared her work with you earlier... I really have no answer, except that I am really glad to be sharing it with you now.

Debra's work consists of a variety of vintage fabrics that are cut and sewn back together in a somewhat haphazard, yet beautiful way. Each piece comes together to form a striking collection of works. Debra's pieces fondly remind me of what the land looks like when I fly into my hometown - patchworks of paddocks, roads, rivers and ponds, the square roofs of the farm houses and the odd blue rectangular pool. It is a sight that takes my breath away every time I see it.

"I am not a poet or someone who draws, but I feel that my use of vintage textiles as a medium brings a history, a weight, a poetry to the work before I even begin to cut, sew, and piece the work back together. Allowing the work to intuitively flow through me I do feel the end result is similar to a drawing or poetry."

(images and quote from Debra M Smith)

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Thanks so much for joining me today, it's a pleasure having you drop by : )

Have a wonderful Thursday!

See you tomorrow xxoo

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Kickcan and Conkers said...

Really stunning work:)