March 16, 2010

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Hello Tuesday!

So, my lovelies, how is your week shaping up? It is only Tuesday, but my week is looking pretty good so far - lots of dreaming and scheming which always keeps me motivated!

I was tossing up between two different creative wonders today, but I've settled on some Australian goodness - ready?


This is probably nothing new to many of you because when I looked at the press list on Cindy-Lee Davies' Lightly website it showed no less than 69 magazine features - all the big guns too - Vogue Living, Belle Decoration, Inside Out, Elle Decor (and more!). And, as you can imagine, Lightly has been a hit in the blog rounds too.

The great thing about this Alphabet is that I try not to be phased by how popular something is, I post about things because I like them - plain and simple really. And you never know, maybe you haven't seen Cindy-Lee's work before... and even if you have, there's no harm in being reminded, right?

Cindy-Lee launched Lightly in 2005. Inspired by her grandmother Rosemary Estelle Lightly, Cindy-Lee pays homage to her through designs that "carry the delicacy of lace and the dignity of nobility at their core".

This collection I'm sharing here today is called 'Chrysalis' and is "inspired by the beautiful life cycle of a butterfly and the process of metamorphosis. Inspired to reflect a natural cycle of life with a recycled saucer."

Beautiful, don't you think? enjoy!

(images and quote from Lightly)

visit Cindy-Lee's website
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Have a wonderful day!

see you tomorrow! xxoo

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