March 17, 2010

+ Madeleine Stamer


It is proving to be hectic day here in alphabet-land... how is your day going? I hope all is calm at your place : )

I've been waiting and waiting to share our next guest with you, so no chit chat today, let's just emerge ourselves in some illustrative goodness...

Madeleine Stamer

Way back in February whilst visiting The Design Files I was reminded of the work of Australian lovely Madeleine Stamer. Lucy had posted a great set of photographs from Madeleine's home. Madeleine's home is a whole other story so when you've finished here jump over to The Design Files to see Lucy's post. In the meantime, let me fill you in...

"Madeleine and her brood live close by but at a safe distance from the sunny sands of St Kilda beach, Melbourne. Madeleine is a land lover who has a respectful admiration and slight fear of the ocean.

She is a proud mother of Wilhelmina and baby Ada and loyal wife to Karl. She is a daydreamer and an avid bird watcher or ‘twitcher’ as some like to say and she is inspired by life’s simple daily pleasures. You will often find her staring at birds from her window or attempting to draw them..."

I absolutely adore Madeline's work. With influences like kaleidoscope patterns and folk traditions like Mexico's Day of the Dead, Madeleine's work is intricate and beautiful. And my fave? Oh it is hard to choose! For now, I'm going with the first one below, but I'm sure I'll change my mind as I browse even further into Madeleine's portfolio - enjoy!

(quote from Madeleine Stamer, images from Madeleine Stamer and The Design Files)

visit Madeleine's website
visit Madeleine's store
read Madeleine's blog

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Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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bonne said...

happy to find here!
i really love this, thanks for sharing! :)

Suki said...

Oh Design Alphabet...How I love to check your blog and find all sorts of inspiration. How honored I was to be among your finds. So now I have honored you with an award...check it out:
Many thanks for all your good work! Suki